Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Capture Your Grief- Day 11

Day 11--Altar

I remember talking with Matt at some point while I pregnant with Kale, or shortly after he was born.  I wanted to make sure we were on the same page in regards to how we display Kale in our home.  I felt there was a fine line of what to do to make sure we didn't have a shrine, and we were tactful in how he was represented here.  We certainly have plenty of items all over our house that remind us of Kale, but most people wouldn't realize it.

For example, the orchid plant on our end table.  Last year I bought the orchid because it was a beautiful blue color. The color reminded me of Kale, the orchid reminded me of my grandpa.  Kale headstone wasn't set yet and so I took one of the flowers and carefully stuck a toothpick through it and placed it on his grave.  The flower hasn't bloomed again, but it sits there and reminds me of him.

We have a blue paper lantern that hangs in our living room room.  It's always lit.  I could walk down in the middle of the night and our living room would have a very soft blue light shining. I love it.

And we have little things like that all over our house.  And I love it.  I wouldn't change it.  And we have things we're planning on adding too, projects that are half done and I need to finish.  I want to make a shadow box with his blanket, the outfit his wore, some pictures.  Lots of things.  As time goes, I'm sure I'll add things all over.

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