Monday, January 20, 2014


I haven't posted in forever.  To be honest, I had this mentality that the more I posted, the further the posts about Kale would get pushed down, and eventually they would no longer be the forefront of the blog.  Which since it's still the fore thought in my mind, I didn't want that.

But here I am.  Posting anyway.

So much has happened in the past 6 months since Kale was born.  Katryn started Kindergarten at a local charter school.  She turned 6. Martin started speech again, and is doing great. We moved.  Sold our house and moved into a new house.  Well, into my grandparents basement first, and THEN into a new house.  And it's been wonderful.  We have more space, it's newer (read: nicer), closer to everything, and almost everyone save our friends we left in our old town.

We painted, spruced things up a big, and are loving it.  (House tour to come later.  After more boxes are unpacked) But for the first time, I have family pictures hanging on my wall!!

These are the pictures we had taken in November.  It was hard to choose a family picture, so I'm just going to share two of my favorites.

We almost went with this one for our wall, but ended up going with the ones below.  The light was reflecting off the picture of Kale a bit, and they didn't turn out quite nice enough--aka, he looks kinda splotchy.  But we didn't want to take the glass out of the frame, because it was raining pretty good!

We hung this on our wall, and underneath it, put pictures of all three kids.

The picture of Kale was cropped to fit into a 8x10 frame (so no, I don't really have a picture with my knees hanging out like that on my wall).

I'm glad we have FINALLY put family pictures on our wall.  It truly does make our house feel more like a home.  And for me, it helps me feel like Kale is acknowledged as our son, and an important part of our family.  Very important to me.

And that's all I'm writing today.  Maybe I'll keep up on this blogging stuff...


  1. I am glad you wrote, Krystal! Glad you are getting settled into your new home!

  2. I love that picture of your family! I'm looking forward to the tour of your home! :)