Monday, November 12, 2012


Y'know what I love about living in a small town?  Well, there's a lot of things, but I love that we do Trunk-or-Treating as a TOWN.  I know a lot of neighborhoods who do it with their local church, and then they also do regular trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.

Not here.  The street is closed off with our fire truck, the cars are all parked facing the sidewalk, and the kids line up at the corner by the first car.  The fire truck blasts it's sirens and the kids are off!  Down the street, from trunk to trunk, collecting their candy.  

We moved a little slow this year, Martin's little indian loin cloth wouldn't stay on, and his candy bag was a bit big for him.  I bet he could have fit in it...

However, the kids had a blast, the weather was amazing (like 70degrees that day!!) and my favorite part?  Home within half an hour, kid to bed on time, and no one knocking on my door all night.  I love that.

Monday, November 05, 2012

A visit from Cam

A few weeks ago our friend Cam stopped by and stayed with us for a few days.  We were really just a bed for him to crash at on his cross country drive (actually we didn't even have a bed, just a couch).  He's in the Coast Guard and was heading from Boston to California via his parents current state of Georgia.  

While he was here, I took advantage of a hiking buddy and we attempted to find a little kid-friendly hike up a local canyon. We failed miserably.  However, we did find some random campgrounds, a little stream to play in, a bridge and a grave.  

Seriously though, does that NOT look like a dug up grave? Just a little bit??

Cam was trying to teach Katryn how to read this sign.

And every kids dream--a river!  This was about how deep it was all the way across all 10 feet of it.  Perfect for the kids to play in and hop around on the rocks.

Martin liked throwing the rocks in.  Shocker, I know.

Both my kids have a bit of a rock obsession.  Katryn picks up multiple rocks a day for her 'collection' (which is thankfully located outside). and I wash at least 1 rock every time I wash her clothes.  Mostly because i don't think to check her pockets.  Or anyone's pockets for that matter.  I washed Matt's USB drive a while back, and I have washed his work credit card multiple times.

I guess I need to start checking pockets...

Anyway, we had fun visiting with Cam while he was here, and Katryn STILL talks about when Cameron came and visited and the things they're going to do next time he comes and visits her (not us, but her).  {{hint, hint Cam!  Come visit again!!}}

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Well, I have a few posts in the works about stuff that's happened this summer, but blogger is giving me fits (and I'm not the only one) where images don't show up in the compose screen if you've saved it and have come back at a later date.  They're there--you can 'see' them in the html screen and the preview screen, but that's it.  So you'll get those posts. . .someday. Or I'll switch to wordpress.  Take THAT blogger.

Anyway. . .

We had the chance to go to a pumpkin patch play area with the play group Martin's a part of.  His playgroup is awesome--mostly because it's done through the Early Intervention group in our area, so the kids in there aren't expected to act like other kids their age.  Which is good, because none of them are like other kids their age.  It's a good setting to teach them how to act around other kids.  And it's really helped Martin on th eating front, because he sees other kids his age eating.

This pumpkin patch was awesome.  Partly because it was FREE, unless we wanted a pumpkin.  We didn't.  They had a little petting area, with pigs, and donkey's, and lambs, and some random birds that looked like mini ostriches.  I don't think that's what they were.

Both kids got right up there and were petting the animals.  Well, the ones that would let them.

Martin just has to do everything that Katryn does.

They had this little corn maze with haybales the kids loves running through.  Katryn loved hiding from me.

All the kids were climbing on a haybale pyramid, so of course Martin had to climb up there too.  This is one of the group leaders, helping Martin out.

And they had this giant corn box!  Like a sand box, only...CORN.  So Katryn made a corn angel.  Hey, if this winter is anything like last winter, it'll be the only angel she makes.

Martin kind of sat there, not sure what to think of the corn.  It was a little too bizarre for him I think.

And they had another, smaller hay bale maze.  Where the parents could SEE the kids the whole time. Tryn LOVED that one.  she ran all over it.

Martin kept running to a little 'window' where I was standing and cheesing it up for me and the camera.  Mostly the camera.

See those white pumpkins?  I ruined Katryn's dream of bringing one home.  She calls them ghost pumpkins, and she wanted one SO. BAD.

She still talks about them.

And we got to go on a wagon ride!  It was a short little jaunt around the farm area, where we saw some cows, the pumpkin patch, and old corn fields.  I was sitting next to Martin, and almost fell off the back when the tractor jerked forward.  That was fun.

Overall, we sure enjoyed ourselves!  We didn't get a chance to go to pumpkin picking as a family like we did last year, but this was fun.  And not as cold as I anticipated.  Although finding corn kernels in the laundry?  Not so fun.