Sunday, September 23, 2012


Oh hey!  I had a birthday!  Back in July. . . .

And it happened to coincide with our town celebration.  You know what that means?  I got a parade AND fireworks for my birthday.  And a carnival and pancake breakfast.  Awesomeness!

Martin was waiting patiently for the parade to start.  Well, kind of patiently.  it didn't care much for these little camp chairs, especially when there was no one he could steal them from.  The other kids were all walking in the parade with the Primary.

Here's a sampling of the floats you see in our little town parade.  This year was actually kind of long--usually it's about 10 minutes long, but this year was at least 20!  

This float made me laugh "Happy In Depends Ants Day".  They were dressed like ants, wearing 'depends'.  They even got out a few times and danced around.

There's the kids!  Captain CTR!  We even got a 'cape' (one of Martin's bibs) for Katryn to wear.  She walked the whole parade route, and halfway back home.  Impressive, since it was HOT.

There's our cousin Hannah (one of my sisters and her kids came and camped out in my yard) and Matt and Katryn.

Their sign says "Miss Understood, Miss Guided, Miss Placed, Miss Fortunate"

And this is really what you see a lot of in our parade.  Tractors.  And 4-wheelers pulling trailers. . .

Or even tractors pulling trailers.

This girl is one of my Activity Girls I work with.  She looks beyond thrilled to be sitting there throwing candy.

Speaking of candy, these kids were LOADED.  It was like halloween.  Without all the work on my part! We just sat there and people threw candy to us!  The otter pops were my favorite though, because it was HOT.

This sign says "The only thing older than this truck is the driver" Probably fairly true in our town :)

Smokey The Bear even made an appearance in the parade!  We didn't have the fire truck this year for some reason. . .probably because most of our firefighters were out helping with the forest fires all over the state.

 And what kind of party would if be, if I didn't have awesome food at it?  let's be honest here, I throw parties so I can make yummy food.  And boy howdy was it yummy.  We had these stuffed peppers, brown sugar chicken, grilled corn guacamole, and grilled tomatoes.  Mmmmmm. . . .

Thanks to all our friends that showed up!  And Seth for entertaining the kids once we put the swimming pool away.  :)

And have I mentioned how awesome my mother is?  Because she is.  She made this tshirt quilt for me, full of my old shirts (which surprisingly look in a LOT better condition than i remember) and gave it to me for my birthday.  I LOVE it.  and every single shirt on this quilt just brings back all sorts of memories from high school and college.  

My mom is the best. 

We also had a birthday shin-dig at my in-laws house, complete with the yummy cake.  It was so good, and the frosting was so light.  I couldn't stop eating it.  It wasn't it normal stick-to-your-mouth frosting most store cakes have.  It was perfect.

And this is how birthdays go when we have them at Grandma's.  All the kids crowded around the cake, regardless of who's birthday it is!  They all want a chance to pull the candles out and lick the frosting off.


  1. Happy Birthday! Fun shindig and of course yummy food!!

  2. Hey we have parades like yours! Hope you had a great birthday!