Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cabin Trip

WARNING: Overload of Pictures.  This is for Heather.  You asked, I gave :)  I'm awesome like that. 

About 2 weeks ago, I packed up the kids and took them camping with my grandparents.  Well, it was kind of camping.  A different type of camping than I'm used to.  We stayed in a cabin of some friends of theirs.  So we had electricity, running water, soft beds to sleep in.  It was great.  I need more camping like that.  The cabin was located about an hour and 1/2 from my parents house, which means my house is even farther.  Thus making it impossible for Matt to be able to join us, even for an evening.  He didn't have any vacation time available to use, thanks to Martin's awesome hospital stay earlier in the year.  

Regardless, I took both kids and crossed my fingers it wouldn't be too much.  And surprisingly?  It was a VERY relaxing trip, even though I should have been stressing about the Relief Society lesson I would be giving on Sunday, less than 24 hours after we got home.  

We left after lunch on Wednesday, and caravaned our way to the cabin.  Good thing too, or I would have been very lost.  Stranded somewhere.  Our first evening there, we took a short walk with grandma and grandpa.  It was short, but it took us a long time!

Mostly because of this boy, and his need to pick up rocks.  Every two steps, he'd crouch down, pick up a rock, show it to me, and then throw it.  The kid's got an arm.  Which made me laugh since his therapist thinks he doesn't know how to throw since he refuses to throw balls at the little basketball hoop she brought for him.

Here's grandma and Katryn standing with the welcome bear.  The other side of that welcome sign says "go away!"

Late wednesday night, Glenn and Natalie showed up.  This is not when they showed up, because they showed up LATE.  This is the next day.  Chloe and Katryn hanging out on the swing.

My camera battery died about this point, because I tried taking a picture of Glenn playing grill-master.  Thankfully my sister and her kids were coming up later that day (Thursday) and she has a charger that fits my battery.

And here's the kids eating breakfast on Friday!  Got a little crazy with all the kids, but they had a blast together.

Glenn took to spending his time taking morning naps and afternoon naps.  As soon as he got in the hammock though, everyone else tried to join in.

And Chloe wanted her own throne.

We got a VERY nice thunderstorm on Friday afternoon, and the kids took full advantage of it, running around on the deck, dancing in the rain.  The deck around the cabin is quite large, and the have gates in front of the stairs.  We could just let the kids and Karma (Glenn's dog) outside and they couldn't go anywhere but the deck.

Lots of great views, since the cabin in located on a bit of a ledge, looking into 2 different valleys.

 The kids also loved these camp swings.

We made sure to feed the hummingbirds while we were there.  LOTS of hummingbirds came around!  Wow!  It was fun to watch.  Not as many fights as I expected.  My in-laws hummingbird feeder always has a few 'alpha-birds' pushing the other birds away.

We took a short hike down the cliff-side to a little camp-spot on the property.  They have a tee-pee poles set up, and a little rustic cabin with some bunks in it.

Katryn was VERY hesitant about this hike.  She was about a lot of things this week, I think because she wasn't feeling good.  She had a fever the whole week, and not much energy.

 There's the cabin we were staying at.  If you look close, you can see someone standing on the deck watching us.

Karma felt the need to lead the way, and try to catch lizards.

Chloe wasted no time getting dirty.

Martin and his Great-Grandpa.  He sat on his lap and went around pointing to everyone, and grandpa would say their nap.  Martin would then attempt to repeat it.

On Saturday, we took another hike down to the tee-pee site, with grandma and my aunt and uncle who were there the whole week with us.

Katryn did a lot better this time around.  Probably because she had a walking stick.  Those things must be magical if you're 4.

I love this picture.  Martin loves to mimic everyone.  Usually Katryn, but this time he picked me, and straddled the bench like I was.

Katryn found a cactus, and reluctantly showed us all.  Kind of like "it's just a cactus mom, they're EVERYWHERE".

 We hiked a little farther to the little cabin again.

Martin just wanted to hang out in the little cabin.  This is part of his tantrum. The kid has skills, I tell ya what.

 And then the dirt playing commenced.

I told you.  Mimics everything everyone else does.  But as long as they aren't fighting, I really don't care.

There was this little chair in the camp, which Martin couldn't decide if he liked it or not.  but he stayed there long enough for a picture!

Katryn wanted me to hold her on the way back, and since I couldn't hold both her and Martin (although we did try--her on the back, martin on the front) my Uncle Robb carried her back.

 They even managed to get attacked by a bush, much to Katryn's delight!

 Here's a view from the 'trail' of the canyon area we hiked into.

After the hike, we enjoyed snack time.  Boy do both those kids love cheetos.  Katryn has doritos, and Martin has cheetos.  They were sitting there swapping snacks and playing games with each other.  Love to see them play together happily!

We played lots of card games up there, and I learned quite a few!  It was lots of fun.  I'm ready to get together with people any play some more!  (any takers?)

Saturday afternoon, we put Chloe down for a nap, and let Katryn and Martin play on my kindle for a while.  Martin came upstairs to the loft area and colored/whined.  So I went to check on Tryn to see if she wasn't sharing with him and I found her sound asleep, drooling on my kindle!  She had a BUSY week.  

It was such a relaxing trip, surprisingly.  I have already determined that our family needs a cabin, so I can go out there whenever I want.  


  1. Love this, so sad I missed it. When you get a cabin we will come and hang out anytime we can!

  2. Yay! Thanks for posting this! Too bad we couldn't have done this last summer when we were there. Oh well, I guess that means we will have to plan another get together when Jenni and I are in town. Love all the pictures, looks like it was a lot of fun! :)

  3. Sam says: I just slid down the mountain cliff to the tee-pee.

    And he says he will come play games with you!