Sunday, June 03, 2012

Family Pictures

HELP!!!  I can't pick.

I need a landscape oriented family picture, and portrait oriented pictures of the kids.  And I just can't decide.  The layout I want is the family picture above the picture of the kids.  Clear as mud?  Good.

 1st choice
2nd choice

And if I decide that a portrait oriented family picture can work out, these are my choices:

 And these are the pictures we'll put on the wall of the kids.  I love it.  Although we're still tempted to pick the ones where they're eating/playing with rocks, because that's totally them. :)

So help!  Pick a family picture for my wall.  And a major shout-out to Calista for taking these.  She's awesome, go like her facebook page.


  1. Four is my pick but if you must have a landscape then I'd say the non train one because the kid pics are on the tracks.

  2. Landscape: second choice (your family is more of the picture). Portrait: first one (the top is too washed out for my liking). Those being said, I love them all. Good job Calista!

  3. My Favorite is #4! Soo Cute. Everyone is smiling and it looks natural.

  4. You can't go wrong with any of them!