Thursday, May 10, 2012

Late Easter

Easter was a blast.  We had a great time, even though Matt was in Boston for 'work'.  Uh-huh, he went to one of the largest video game conventions.  And got paid for it?  Yeah, we don't complain about that!!

They got pretty spoiled this year--I was trying not to turn Easter into Christmas part 2, but I finally broke down and bought the whole Living Scriptures Book Of Mormon set.  Totally worth it, Katryn watches them all the time!!

We did our own Easter at home the weekend before, while dad was around.  Such a difference a year can make!  Last year, Martin was still on oxygen, and I don't think he was at all mobile yet.  This year, he's almost walking, and understands the concept of gathering eggs.

We spent a few days at my parents house, so I wouldn't go crazy without adult interaction for 5 days.  that was nice!  Since Martin was discharged from the hospital in February, I had only been able to go to church once.  I went on Sunday with my parents and it was so nice.  Even made it to all 3 meetings!

And here we are!  In all our Easter-sugar-overload-cranky-stupor.  And the sun was in our eyes.

 This sweet little trouble-maker in the middle?  Chloe, my brother's little girl.  Everyone was done with pictures by this point, and I'm impressed we got them all in the picture, not crying or smacking each other, and no undies flashing.

Grandma B, who loves to spoil her grandkids, bought Katryn and Martin new outfits.  And we found the matching 'beach hat' as Katryn likes to call it.  She also got the other granddaughters the same dress, and we had some fun matching going on!

Katryn was just WAY too excited about sitting next to Kyla, and could NOT stop moving.  The over-dose of candy for the day just might have played a little bit. . .maybe.

This is the best I could do with the two of them.  Kyla's probably thinking her cousin is crazy.  She's probably right.

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