Monday, February 27, 2012

Follow Through part 1--School

I can't possibly be the worst person about following through on things, right?  There has GOT to be someone who's worse than me.

But I'm not so sure about that. . .

So I'm trying to do better.  Last fall/summer we started LOTW with katryn, and we did really good until about the letter H.  (I must say though, I LOVE this program, and plan on getting all the stuff printed out and using it for all our kids.)  Anyway, at that point I couldn't keep up with the printing, cutting, laminating, and then cutting again.  It was taking me probably 8+ hours to do all the stuff for 1 letter, and Katryn would blow through all of it in less than an hour.  I just couldn't keep up.  And I was blowing through ink and paper and laminating sheets like crazy!  Even with refilling the ink up at Costco, it was kind of expensive.  Well, when you're poor, anything over $15 makes me cringe.  Anyway, so we've been doing a program called Reading Eggs.  It's pretty awesome, and she's even starting to pick up on certain words.  I signed up for the free two week trial, and then found a whole lotta codes that let me sign her up for the next 4 years free!  Love that.  I even got Martin signed up, although we're no where near him.  But hey, in 2 years we might me, and then we'll have two years free! :)  I'm planning ahead people.

All that helped me realize that I need a school program for her that doesn't require HOURS of prep time each week for me.  I need something that has the lessons planned out already, with minimal prep time.

And with that, I introduce to you Katryns kindergarten school year!  We're starting Kinder in the fall, and although she'll be 4.5, I think she'll do fine.  Anything that seems too much will be shelved and pulled out for the next year.  It's our 'trial-run' I guess you could say.  The REAL kinder year will be in 2013, the same year she would be starting public school.

We're focusing on the main stuff daily: Math, Reading/Lit/Phonics, Writing, Spelling, Religion (and music, since we're going to start teaching piano to her as well) and 2x's a week the extra stuff: Geography, History, Science, Art.

MATH: Horizons K

READING/LIT/PHONICS: Continuing with Reading Eggs, Before Five In A Row Lit based study, Sing, Spell, Read, and Write (just the workbooks, not the whole kit for us)

WRITING: Handwriting Without Tears (also just the workbooks, I'll be using stuff we have for the other things (pictured below)), Sing, Spell, Read, and Write

SPELLING: Sing, Spell, Read, and Write

MUSIC: Pianimals

GEOGRAPHY: Beginning Geography, Confessions of a homeschoolers Road Trip USA

HISTORY: Confessions of a Homeschooler's Road Trip USA

SCIENCE: Early Bird Start Up Science

ART: Little Hands Art

PE: We're getting her signed up for Tball here in town, swimming lessons in the summer time, and we're thinking about dance and/or gymnastics nearby.  We also have kids Yoga DVDs that she loves, and her own yoga mat!

RELIGION: Discover the Book Of Mormon.  We will probably wait until 2013 to do this, but I really want to get it!  And maybe the Living Scripture DVDs.  If I can wrap my head around how stinking expensive they are. . .

And there you have it folks.  Our school year 2012-2013.  Our trial school year is going to be awesome.  Especially since almost all this stuff doesn't require me to sit and print and laminate for hours.  Only the BFIAR (before five in a row) and Road Trip USA.  But I'm already started on that, and getting the printing done NOW before August hits!