Saturday, January 21, 2012

Some new sewing projects

I'm in the middle of 2 quilts, but my quilt group had a retreat this weekend.  By retreat I mean we met friday night and sewed together for a few hours and had dinner, and on Saturday morning we had breakfast and sewed all morning.

I feel like I've posted this before. . .but this is my fall table runner.  My table is square, so I love being able to have square table runner!  It looks really nice when I put my fall candles in the middle.

This was one of the projects we did last night.  It's called a skinny scrap or something like that.  Usually the center is a bunch of random strips of fabric from your stash, sewn together and then cut into the shape.  For this project we were using some stuff called Texture Magic.  You sew it on the back of your fabric (I just stitched lines and then crossed them) and then heat it up with your iron.  You don't TOUCH it with your iron, just the heat from it hovering and some steam.  And it shrinks up and gives it some texture!

You can kind of see the texture a bit in this photo.

And we made these flowers.  This one was super easy.  We traced the pattern onto heat'n'bond interfacing stuff, stitched it onto the fabric and turned it right side out.  Ironed it onto the background fabric and then zig-zag stitched it into place.  I love it!  I think I'm going to turn it into a pillow.

Now here's hoping I can finish my other projects quickly, before I accrue more!


  1. hey that top one looks familiar! Nice job on these!

  2. Wow, good work. Where did you get the texture stuff? I've heard of elastic thread that shrinks up when you iron it. I really need to finish some projects.