Monday, January 23, 2012

Craft group

My sister in law decided to start a craft group.  Which is awesome I think!  We've made 3 crafts so far-- We met on Saturday for our third activity.  It's so nice to know I have at least 1 time a month where I'll get to socialize with other people, and make something I wouldn't make on my own.  

The first time we met, we made these cute fall picture frames.  We used a 4 matte picture frame, and painted wooden letters.  There's no glass on the frame, so you can take full advantage of the 3D effect.

And then we made these fun Christmas Trees from 2x4's and modpodged paper onto them.  I love it!

This was the craft we made Saturday, and it's already hanging on my front door.  Took the place of my Christmas wreath!  (yes, I'm still working on putting Christmas stuff away.  Don't ask about the tree)  This one was fun!  We took a foam wreath, wrapped it in ribbon, and then took 2 bath sponges--you know those soft netting ones that are like a ball?  Loofa's I think they're called?  Anyway, when you cut the rope handle off, it's a REALLY long netting tube that you cut up and wrap around the wreath.  Then we added flowers (you can't really see them in mine, unfortunately. . .)

And here's what we're doing in February.  Fabric covered pots!  If you're local to me (like the same county) and want to join our group, let me know!  We only have 4-5 people right now, so the more the merrier! :)

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