Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Surprise(s)

About two weeks ago, we had one of those weeks where it seemed like everything was falling apart around us.  We just had Indy diagnosed with diabetes and cataracts.  It broke my heart to realize she was blind.  We were hoping she just had an infection that was causing problems.  Turns out she had a double ear infection though, and we had to start giving her antibiotics to clear her ears up.  All the stuff being put in her ear has made it very hard for her to hear, so we've been dealing with a deaf and blind dog lately.  And having to start giving her shots twice a day of insulin.

And then there's Katryn, who has been having serious tooth pain lately. We could see her tooth just decaying before our eyes.  But we didn't have dental insurance and have been putting it off, unsure of what her medicaid would cover.  Finally took her to our friend Steve's dad, who's a pediatric dentist.  He determined she needed 7 caps on her molars, and 3 baby root canals to get her teeth under control.  We were shocked!  This is the girl who LOVES to brush her teeth!

I'm grateful we're able to use programs offered to help families in our situation, and Matt picks up extra hours at the movie site doing security when he can to help us make it.  He had actually been toying with the idea of taking permanent hours over there to help us become more self-reliant, and able to get off the government programs, and make ends meet a little better (but you know, right when you think you got it figured out how to make ends meet, they move the ends!).  Instead he asked his company for a much-deserved raise, since we already hardly see him when his commute is 45 minutes one way.

They gave it to him!!  Surprise number 1

We came home one evening, after taking Indy to the Vet for a glucose curve test.  This helps determine how much insulin she'll need, and how often.  We also took Katryn to the dentist again, where they knocked her out, and did all the work.  The poor girl.  She was miserable for the first few hours after waking up.  But now she's so proud of her 'new teeth!"

We came home that night and found a message on our machine, telling us that some friends stopped by and wanted to give us some gifts.  They left them in our car, so we needed to go get them out.  I went out to my car, and found this:

My car was FULL of presents for all of us, food, gift cards, cash.  So many things.  It just melted my heart, that someone would think of us and give us so much.  There was a card in there, telling us it was from the empty nesters in town who like to give gifts to a family each year, and this year it was us.  And yes, those pillows were included.  Something we desperately needed, but was one of those luxury items we were never going to buy!

That was surprise number 2.

I'm so amazed by those who give so willingly.  I dream of being able to do that.  Someday we WILL be in a position to be able to do that, and I can't wait!!  Right now we do the little bit we can.  So here I want to say publicly to those who give with no thought of receiving anything in return: THANK YOU.  You have no idea how much your little gift or donation will help someone, and they will forever remember someone who thought of them.


  1. Don't you just love how Heavenly Father knows exactly what we need and when we need it?

  2. Hi Krystal! I don't read your blog very often, hence the late response to this. I'm happy to hear you guys received such needed gifts and surprises!

    About Katryn's teeth - if you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask my husband (via me on facebook) - he's a dentist and is always happy to answer dental questions, especially since he's in school for oral surgery right now and not allowed to work. He misses it! Since Orem doesn't have fluoridated water (or so I read on the CDC website), you may want to start giving her a fluoride supplement or get one of those ACT rinses. I hope everything improves, and that you all have been doing well since then :)