Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Surprise(s)

About two weeks ago, we had one of those weeks where it seemed like everything was falling apart around us.  We just had Indy diagnosed with diabetes and cataracts.  It broke my heart to realize she was blind.  We were hoping she just had an infection that was causing problems.  Turns out she had a double ear infection though, and we had to start giving her antibiotics to clear her ears up.  All the stuff being put in her ear has made it very hard for her to hear, so we've been dealing with a deaf and blind dog lately.  And having to start giving her shots twice a day of insulin.

And then there's Katryn, who has been having serious tooth pain lately. We could see her tooth just decaying before our eyes.  But we didn't have dental insurance and have been putting it off, unsure of what her medicaid would cover.  Finally took her to our friend Steve's dad, who's a pediatric dentist.  He determined she needed 7 caps on her molars, and 3 baby root canals to get her teeth under control.  We were shocked!  This is the girl who LOVES to brush her teeth!

I'm grateful we're able to use programs offered to help families in our situation, and Matt picks up extra hours at the movie site doing security when he can to help us make it.  He had actually been toying with the idea of taking permanent hours over there to help us become more self-reliant, and able to get off the government programs, and make ends meet a little better (but you know, right when you think you got it figured out how to make ends meet, they move the ends!).  Instead he asked his company for a much-deserved raise, since we already hardly see him when his commute is 45 minutes one way.

They gave it to him!!  Surprise number 1

We came home one evening, after taking Indy to the Vet for a glucose curve test.  This helps determine how much insulin she'll need, and how often.  We also took Katryn to the dentist again, where they knocked her out, and did all the work.  The poor girl.  She was miserable for the first few hours after waking up.  But now she's so proud of her 'new teeth!"

We came home that night and found a message on our machine, telling us that some friends stopped by and wanted to give us some gifts.  They left them in our car, so we needed to go get them out.  I went out to my car, and found this:

My car was FULL of presents for all of us, food, gift cards, cash.  So many things.  It just melted my heart, that someone would think of us and give us so much.  There was a card in there, telling us it was from the empty nesters in town who like to give gifts to a family each year, and this year it was us.  And yes, those pillows were included.  Something we desperately needed, but was one of those luxury items we were never going to buy!

That was surprise number 2.

I'm so amazed by those who give so willingly.  I dream of being able to do that.  Someday we WILL be in a position to be able to do that, and I can't wait!!  Right now we do the little bit we can.  So here I want to say publicly to those who give with no thought of receiving anything in return: THANK YOU.  You have no idea how much your little gift or donation will help someone, and they will forever remember someone who thought of them.

Santa Run

Well I did it.  I ran a 5k and I didn't die.  I also completely stopped doing my workout plan.  Who was I kidding that I would wake up early and run 3 times a week AND work out 5 times a week?!  After doing not much for the past, oh well, um forever?  I pushed through the first few weeks, and then it got cold.  And dark.  and I thought I was going to get hit by a car running in the dark.  So I stopped.  'Nuff said.  Although Heather and Amber kindly bestowed out of their totes of running clothes (notice the plural usage, they have more than one!) some brightly colored clothes for me, so I don't die.

But I still did this 5k with two of my sisters.  Heather did a really nice recap of it, so I won't bother with the whole thing.  You can read it all there.  It really made a huge difference to have someone else to run with.  I also use the term 'run' loosely.  I think my running pace is just as fast as my walking pace. . .It's ok, I'm getting there.

 Katryn stole my santa hat, so I had to improvise with a hat from my parents Christmas decorations.  It fit a lot better!

 I was pretty nervous.  I mean, a 5k is long!  Especially when the longest I've ran is 3 minutes.  Yes, you read that right.  three whole minutes.  Then I walked for 3 minutes.  Ran again, rinse, repeat. . .That was my prerace jitter face.

 The aid stations had milk and cookies! so Santa-Tryn got hooked up!

 And there we are, in the crowd of santas taking off from the starting line.  I bet it was pretty cool to be a spectator and see all those santa's running by.

 We ran the whole first lap (just over a mile). The first mile in 11 minutes.  WOW.  For a girl who's only ran 3 minutes at a time.  I was pretty proud of myself.

And slightly worried about dying still.  My lungs are NOT up to par.  Or anywhere close to par.  For the record, I don't know how Heather and Amber can talk while running.  I'm using all my lung power to keep from passing out (or puking, both of which I thought might happen).  They would ask me questions and I would gasp out 1 word answers.

 We walked 1/2 of the next lap, ran a bit, and walked a bit more, and then ran the entire last lap.  Over all, I ran WAY more than I walked!  I know, when I don't wear the Santa beard, it looks like I have chest hair.  I'm ok with that, I was struggling enough to breathe as it was.

And the Grinch came and freaked Katryn out.  He was a very lifelike Grinch, so I can understand that. (That's Amber's boyfriend holding her, since Matt was holding Martin)

Time/pace breakdown and mile splits:
Total Time-41:54
Average Pace-13:02/mile
Mile 1-11:20/mile (all running)
Mile 2-14:24/mile (half walking/half running)
Mile 3-13:19 (mostly running)
Mile 0.22 (yes the course measured long with Heather's Garmin)-13:09/mile pace (time-2:49)
227th woman across the line (out of 294)
45th in my age group (out of 55, ages 25-29)

Thanks to Amber and Heather for running with me!!  and letting me slow you done (both of them probably would have been in the top 3 of their age group, or even overall, if they hadn't ran with me!)