Friday, November 04, 2011

Halloween 2011

 Halloween Season was pretty busy here.  We went up to go see the witches at a local outdoor 'mall'.  It has a lot of little shops in their own houses, and it was lots of fun.  A lot of the stores have nice decor, and there was a fun little Christmas store, with a lot of Christmas decor.  Really gets me in the mood for Christmas!

Katryn liked running around with her cousins, Bryce and Kyla, although the witches kind of bothered her a bit.  And it was cold and WINDY that day!  Of course. . .

I thought these pumpkins were cute, makes me want to go through the wood I have for our fireplace and see if I can make some for us!

The ducks were a HUGE hit, and they were not sky at all.  Katryn resorted to holding the bread above her head and throwing pieces to them, since they stole out of her hand.

And we had a Halloween Party at Grandparent B's house.  The kids dressed up and went on a little scavenger hunt for a bag of Halloween goodies Grandma put together for them.  We have Katryn as a dragon, Bryce as a dinosaur, and Kyla as Jessie from Toy Story.

 And Martin the penguin!

 Grandma and Kiera came with a fun idea instead of a pinata.  They put some candy in balloons and blew them up.  Then the kids popped them!  Since Kyla was the oldest at the party (missed our other cousins!! Wish they could have come!) at almost 4, a pinata is just a little much.  This was perfect though, and the kids loved it, once they figured it out.

Katryn would try to pop it, holding the push pin, but would let go of both the balloon and pin when she'd try to pop it.  She eventually got it.

 Martin got in on the action a bit, picking up the spilled candy and gnawing on it.  So a fair amount of the caramel came with bite marks.

 And here's everyone in their costume! Little Claire was a bit sick, and therefore got to stay in her jammies, although her costume was a bat.

 Katryn and Kyla love hanging out with each other, and have a blast everytime.

 Then we had Grandma W's Pumpkin Party!  Complete with Mummy Dogs (They had eyes at one point, I'm not sure what happened to them. . .)

And Jack-o-Lantern Chili.

 We carved pumpkins, which was lots of fun, and it was super fast!  I remember it used to take FOREVER to carve when we used the patterns you can print out.  This year we free-handed with my mom's awesome wax pencil and it worked perfect!

 And yes. . .I'm wearing a beanie for BOTH parties.  Fall is here, you'll be luck to see me withOUT a beanie in the next few months.

And the final verdict of our pumpkins.  Katryn wanted a scary one, so I carved a happy one for Martin.

We had some fun Ghost Bowling,

And some serious tantrums.  Lack of sleep and all that good stuff.

 And here's the crew!  Katryn as a dragon, with a baby dragon, Hannah has another dragon (maybe a dinosaur. . .) Aunt AnnaJune as Princess Buttercup (her husband was The Dread Pirate Roberts), and she's holding Ben the Lion, Chloe the Ballarina (with such a cute costume) Sam the Ninja, Michelle as Rapunzel (complete with toy frying pan) and Martin the Penguin.  And Indy in the background, trying to find the perfect sunny spot.

We went Trunk-Or-Treating, which was lots of fun!  We live in a small town, with some houses spread out pretty far.  And no street-lights.  And a major highway runs straight through town.  So to keep people safe (at least that's why I assume they do it. . .) the town hosts a Trunk-Or-Treat.  We all park at the school parking lot, the kids line up on the sidewalk, the fire engine shuts down the road to traffic, and we go to town!  We walk down the sidewalk trick-or-treating from the trunks.  Lot of people dress up and sit at their trunks, with decorations.  It was lots of fun, and so nice to be done within 20 minutes, while it was still daylight.  And no one to come bug us late at night, that was awesome.


  1. I need copies of pictures please!

    Oh and you guys will have to come out and see the elves (instead of witches) starting the 18th through Christmas--not scary! Let us know when you want to come and we will join you.

  2. Love this, my kids miss Grandma's Pumpkin Party. Sounds like you guys had lots of fun.

  3. Love the Halloween pictures, we had soo much fun with you guys. Your kids looked so cute and I like the princess buttercup costume- maybe someday I will copy