Saturday, August 06, 2011

Starting School

School starts on MONDAY!!  Here's what our school room looks like:

We got the family room empty of boxes and crap and laid down some old carpet a neighbor gave us a while ago, when they replaced their carpet.  It's VERY old, however, not the oldest thing in our old old house.  And it works just fine until we get around to finishing the basement (aka--when we have money to do more than just survive).

This is our daily wall, or the calender wall.  I bought these nice pocket charts at Target in their dollar section! It's perfect for our calender.  I just created the days/months/numbers in microsoft publisher.

Next to the calender, I have our 'theme pack' song, which we'll sing every morning.  Underneath is our school bus, with a letter on it to show you how it works.  Each week we're focusing on one theme pack, and one letter.  So the song is to the tune "The Wheels on The Bus" and we'll sing it "The letter on the bus says __ __ __"

Then we have our "What's the weather like outside today?" chart, and she can add a little label telling us what it's like.  Underneath it we'll show what day is today/tomorrow/yesterday.  (both printables from confessions of a homeschooler)

Next to that is 2 thermometers that we'll mark off what the temperature inside and outside is.  I need to get thermometers still. . .

And a little foam clock to practice reading the time.  We probably won't use that much yet.  I'm keeping the calender nice and simple right now, while we get used to how school is going to work for us.  As we get into a routine, I have a lot more ideas I want to add!

This is our workbox station.  There's a lot of ideas of how workboxes should work, (seriously, google 'workboxes' and look at the images) but the basic idea is a system for your child to work through the things they need to do.  I bought the file folders from the dollar section at Target, and I'm working on dividing them in half with a piece of cardboard (like the first 2 boxes are divided).  Each day I'll fill these up and Katryn can work through at her own pace.  I have a hanging tag next to it, that when she's done with a box she can take the number off and put it on the tag.  I can also add different labels, like 'snack time', 'ask mom' etc.

Here's some examples of how other workboxes work: Confessions of a Homeschooler, Homeschool Creations, 1+1+1=1

And this is our work station/desk area.  I have a pocket chart above, which has our letter caterpiller on it.  Each time we finish a letter we'll take it off the bus, and add it to the caterpiller!  I have a LARGE (12"x12") clipboard if katryn is feeling antsy, and needs to come sit on the couch to work on something, or the floor or whatever.  However, we won't get much use out of it for a while, because we're doing a lot of hands-on stuff, not much sit down and write stuff.  A little of it, but not too much yet.  

We are ready!!  I've spent a LOT of time the past few months figuring out how to make preschool work for us, planning our schedule, printing off everything (we've gone through a LOT of ink lately!) cutting, laminating, cutting again. . . .but we're ready!!  

If you want to follow along, hop on over to Katryn's Blog, where I'll be giving a week by week of everything, with the links of all the wonderful people out there who have created awesome things!


  1. You are awesome! I don't even think that I was this organized when I homeschooled! I hope you both enjoy it!

  2. I love the little school room. You should see if Mom has any of the joy school manuals still and you could get some more ideas from those books. You should get a small flag and start teaching the pledge of allegiance as well. Can't wait to hear how it all turns out.

  3. Wow, very impressive! I have several the Chalkboard in the Kitchen book if you want to see it. I may have to look into a couple of those so websites for my kids.

  4. love it and keep posting