Sunday, April 24, 2011

Worldwide Ward Cookbook

Last Mother Days, I gave my mother, and my mother in law a copy of The Worldwide Ward cookbook because I had 3 recipes published in it.  Each recipe was special--1 for my mother in law, about Matt's favorite recipe, 1 for my mother, with one of my favorite recipe of hers, and 1 for my mother in law from her grandkids, with her famous wacky cake recipe. 

I have almost all those cookbooks, and I love flipping through them, and reading stories about members of the LDS church throughout the world, reading about how much this recipe means to them, seeing a little glimpse into others lives. 

(side-note: the only thing I DON'T like about the Mom's Best cookbook, is they spelled my name wrong.  My first recipes in print, and my last name is spelled wrong!  Although matt says that's what I get for marrying him, my last name will never be spelled or pronounced correctly)

ANYWAY, their blog is having a GIVEAWAY!!  I really want the new cookbook, Family Secrets, but i can't justify the expense, so I'm hoping to win a copy!  This post is my 'official' entry.  Go check out their blog, or facebook page for the details if you want to enter too!

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