Saturday, April 09, 2011

Gardens and Homeschool

Spring is supposed to be coming.  The snow coming down outside is NOT convincing me.  However, I'm getting my garden started.  I've built my first box, and I've got it filled up (lots of manure!  woot!).  It's going to be my herb box.  I also ordered some seeds for the herb box, and the garden/veggie box (that hasn't been built yet!) that will hopefully be here soon as well. 

Katryn helped me pick what was going in the garden, and she's very excited about everything.  When we see something that we have planned for our garden, I tell her and she get so excited about it, it's going to be an awesome gardening year!
In anticipation, and hope that she'll continue to love the garden all year, I picked some garden things for her easter basket.  The little shovel and trowel are from hobby lobby (99cents!!) and the mini garden from Bed Bath And Beyond.

Now we'll just wait for our seeds to show up, so we can plant them!!

While blog-hopping yesterday, looking for preschool ideas to teach katryn, I stumbled upon this site: Homeschool Creations (I found it through Confessions Of A Homeschooler), and I found their preschool packs.  This is what I've been looking for!  They're already colored in, and cover an entire topic with learning activities and skills!  It's awesome! 

I went crazy printing. 

After I printed the Garden Pack, the Transportation Pack, and the Medical Pack, I thought to myself "Man, these would last a LOT longer if I had read the instructions and printed them on cardstock."  So i decided to make as many of these into file folder games as i can.  And then they are harder for me to loose as well. 

I'll be laminated them all anyway, and then we can use them for Martin and any other kids in our family. 

It's funny to me, out 1 little thing can get me so excited to start teaching Katryn.  I've played around with the idea of homeschool for about 2 years now, and it's still something I'm seriously considering.  Matt always talked about how he didn't learn anything in school, that he hadn't already learned at home from his parents.  If our kids do go to school, I want them to feel like that too. 

So we're starting home preschool.  We'll loosely be basing it on the Letter Of Week concept (google it, it's everywhere!!) where we cover 1 letter/theme a week.  For example: Week #1 will be A, for Ants.  We'll talk about the letter A, find things that start with that letter, trace that letter, talk about ants, color and count ants.  Etc, and etc. 

I think I'll break it up every once in a while with these preschool packs, and see what else I can find similar to them. 

(Linking this up to HomeSchool Village Garden Challenge)

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  1. I saw your link at Homeschool Village! My kids like those Crayola gardens. I like what you did with the garden printables. Good luck on your journey of homeschooling, whether it also involves public school or not.