Thursday, April 28, 2011


We had a crazy Easter weekend.  Shocker, I know.  Every weekend seems to be crazy.  We're actually looking forward to NOT going ANYWHERE this weekend.  It's going to be nice!

We did our Egg hunt and Easter Baskets on Saturday, since Sunday was going to be crazy busy.   It was lots of fun!  Tryn was so helpful with the easter eggs. 

 She would pick one for her basket, then go find one for Martin's basket, and then one for Daddy.  All the green ones were for Dad.  

 And she filled her basket up FULL!

 Martin just liked holding the eggs.  And the dropping them.  In buckets of water.

 But he was sure happy!
 On Sunday morning, we got up early and drove up north for the blessing of Seth and Kiera's new baby girl.  And of course, didn't get any pictures of her.  She's super cute though, with lots of dark curly hair!

They had a yummy brunch for us, and then a huge easter egg hunt for the kids.  I say huge, because 1/2 the kids left before it happened, so it was mainly Katryn, Kyla, and Bryce doing the hunting.  Katryn loves to do everything Kyla does, and is like her shadow when they're together!

 She actually had so many eggs in her bag, that she was dragging it behind her!

 And it was windy, so Martin and I were making faces to keep the wind out of our eyes.

 Then we went to Grandma W's house and had ANOTHER easter egg hunt!!  Katryn was the only one hunting for eggs, and she had fun!

 Even found a pinecone (or two, or three. . .) to put in her basket.

And THEN we went had an dinner with Matt's parents, and had a birthday party for him, with his favorite cake--wacky cake.  (recipe will be on my recipe blog soon!  or if you have the World Wide Ward Cookbook--mom's best, it's in there!)


  1. So cute! I particularly love the picture of you and Martin squinting to keep the wind out of your eyes. That's classic!

  2. Awesome. I also love the picture of you and Martin. He's so big!!