Wednesday, March 09, 2011

As of late

I feel like I haven't done anything lately.  Which is completely not true.  What I have been doing doesn't involve many pictures though. 

I've been working on a new budget like a mad-woman.  Matt started a new job this morning, and while it is a small paycut (hey, when you make hardly anything, a little cut doesn't make a difference!) we will now be offered health insurance!!  Huge thing when you have a medically needy child.  It also gives him the opportunity for advancement, since it's in the industry he wants a career in!  We could finally be on our way to a 'forever job'.  Which makes us both VERY happy.  Especially Matt.  He couldn't be more thrilled about starting this new job.

I've also been doing a lot of research on Martin's behalf.  He turns one in just a few days, which actually is shocking to me.  But perhaps that's more of looking back at where we were a year ago that's shocking.  We've had a rather eventful year.  But with Martin turning one, his formula will most likely be changing as well, to a more complete toddler formula.  I don't know what it will be yet, or how we'll get it, but since he's not eating orally, he needs a formula that will give him the nutrients he needs. 

So my research has been around the concept of a blenderized diet for him.  Basically giving him what we eat, liquefied.  I don't see why what he digests should have to be any different from what we digest, just because he has a tube.  There is no MEDICAL reason.  Of course we'll still work on the oral feedings, it will just be a very slow process with him.  There's a lot of trust issues involved in that.  I read the best description of the trust involved HERE(see question #3): "Maybe it’s crude, but the best way I know how to explain it is to think of it like a woman who’s been sexually abused. Eating and sex, whether you realize it or not, are both very personal, emotional, and sensitive experiences. When trust is violated in that area, it take lots and lots of time, re-building of trust, and mental healing."  Martin spent months of people just shoving things in his mouth, down his throat--tubes, suctions, more tubes, pacifiers.  And yes, it kept him alive, but it also mentally injured him, to the point where he is just starting to trust ME to put things near his mouth.  But mostly, if he doesn't have control over it, it's not going to happen.  So we're building up that trust, and teaching him that I'm not going to do anything that he doesn't want.  Somedays that means I don't touch the spoons, I just let him sit in his chair, and we play.  Other days, the spoon doesn't touch his mouth, but just his cheeks.  It's up to him, and that's how it's going to have to be.

But he's learning, and while he learns, I will be preparing his body to handle real food.  There's not much research on blenderized diets, and we don't have a nutritionist we can talk to.  I know how many calories Martin currently gets, and how many mls per day he gets.  Until I can find a nutritionist who can help me calculate how many fat calories, carb calories, protien calories, etc Martin needs a day to grow, I'll be moving very slowly on this. 

We started yesterday by adding a tablespoon of baby food to a feeding.  Just like when you start feeding an orally fed baby--1 food at a time, watch for a reaction.  I'm not concerned about how many calories, because I'm not changing how much formula he gets per feeding.  I'm just adding a little bit extra.  I'll go more into that on his blog later. 

We rearranged our living room.  It's much nicer now, gives us a lot more space, I like it.  I don't feel so cornered when katryn and moya go crazy in there.  I need spring to come, so I can ship them outside to get their energy out!!

I started working out a few weeks ago.  Currently I'm doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.  It's giving me more cardio then I've had in a long time.  It's nice to see my stamina come up, and my endurance last a little bit longer each time.  And I just mapped out a few routes in town to start walking, maybe running.  A 1.5 mile route, 2mile route, and a 3.1mile(5K) route.  I have dreams of running a 5K someday.  My sister Heather (who is a track/cross country coach/marathoner/super woman/talking about running a 50 miler) told me she would run with me at the Utah Summer Games in Cedar this summer.  I think she just wants an excuse for me to visit!

And just for kicks:

Our friend Levi came down and brought us this deck.  It's nothing fancy, but now Matt has no excuse for us not to get a grill.  He said we couldn't get one since we'd have to keep it on our front porch.  I said that I didn't care, because I just wanted to be able to grill this summer!  And now we have a place to put it.  yay for freecycling!