Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

On another blog, I noticed they did what was called "wordless wednesday".  Instead of writing a post, they posted a picture.  Sometimes they had captions, or a little blurb to it, but the focus of the post was the picture.

Now, I'm not photographer, by ANY stretch of the imagination.  I'm just a girl with an expensive camera, who usually forgets to take pictures.  That's why I can't join in on the 365 project, and post a picture a day, because I can't guarantee that life won't get in the way of me taking one picture a day!  Major props to those of you that can though!

So I'll be posting a picture on my blog, Katryn's blog, and Martin's blog, every wednesday. . .at some point in the day. :)

Here's how today's been going so far. 

This is what my washer is doing on the cold cycle (I wash everything in cold).  Two little trickles that take ALL day to fill my washer up.

This is what is SHOULD be doing:

This is on the hot cycle.  A normal stream of water!  I don't understand, and it's driving me a bit crazy. . .


  1. Are the hot and cold taps switched? When the hot water is filling fast, is the water actually hot? I only ask because once upon a time our laundry room faucets were backwards.

  2. karen--it is hot water coming out. We thought our pipes might be partially frozen, but when the temps were below 0* we had more water coming out. :\