Sunday, January 23, 2011

Garden plan--long term

For about the past 2 weeks, ever since reading about the my brother in law planned for their garden, I've been dreaming about our garden.  I still have snow where it's going to go!

It's a long term plan.  We're planning on boxes made out of 2"x12"s cut to the appropriate size.  We have 4 4'x4' boxes, with one box going to be dedicated to strawberries, and the other boxes will be rotated through whatever we feel like for that year.  We also have two 2'x6' boxes planned for raspberries and some other berries--probably blackberries.  And then we have two 'L' shaped boxes on each side. 

In case you can't read what I've written on our plan, I'll share it with you.  The left (south-west) corner boxes are currently planned to have peas, trellised upwards.  Then we'll have carrots, lettuce, spinach, and assorted herbs (chives, oregano, parsley, basil).  The other corner 'L' box will have beans, trellised up, and corn. 

Our rotating 4'x4' boxes will have peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, pumpkins, and melons. 

I'm still doing the research on the best way to grow the vine plants upwards, so I can take advantage of the space and grow other things.  There's a lot of information out there!  I'm loosely following the square foot garden method.  I say loosely, because it's practically a religion to some people!  I'm doing a 'live and learn' method, that should work well with us. 

Our plan in to build one box a year, unless we get lucky and can build more than 1 a year.  Our long, long, term goal, is to have a walk-way around the yard, that will go on the bottom of the garden--the east side.  and inside the garden area, we'd love to get some paving stones that surround the area, or bark or gravel or something.  We're not sure what yet.  But we do know we want to have a swing set there in the middle of the garden!

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  1. Nice, you want to start planning one for me? ;)