Thursday, June 17, 2010

First cloth

Martin in his first cloth diaper. He seemed to like it, and I can't blame him, because who wants chemicals on their bum all day? Not me. . .

The nurses were also amazed by it. When I asked if I could put him in a cloth diaper, she said "sure, but he might poop in it. . ." I laughed, and then pulled out this diaper and said "well, that's kind of the point of diapers!" She thought I was going to put him in the gerber prefolds with pins and plastic pants.

I love it!!


  1. Those diapers are so small, and it still looks a little big on your little boy. :)

    Here's hoping he can continue to grow and come home with you soon instead of being at the hospital.

  2. He's looking great!! I'm so happy for you guys!