Saturday, April 17, 2010

Feeling Crafty

I've been feeling crafty lately. Actually, my dad calls it "domestic". He used to always make fun of us when we'd ('we' being myself and my 4 sisters) want to do little projects like sewing or cooking and say we were being domestic. I think he did it because we'd always moan and groan whenever an activity like that came up in Young Womens.

However, now that I have grown up (I can't really say 'matured' because I'm not sure that I have. . .) I have the desire to cook, and sew, and be domestic. Shoot, remember my post about how much I love my swiffer??

One of my best friends from high school is having a baby girl, and since I'm poor, and have been feeling crafty, I decided to make a few things for her. Although, if you're reading this Nicky, a few of my favorite can't-live-without baby things are a bumbo and swaddle. love them both!!

Anyway, I bought some gerber prefold diapers. (ps--if you're going to cloth diaper, there are better options out there) I washed them up a few times, because they shrink. Then I cute my flannel to fit, sewed some ribbon to it, and voila! Burp cloths!

And I made some for myself too. :) Everything I own baby-wise is girly!

And then I got really ambitious for Nicky. I made a carseat cover!! I had seen these all over Etsy, and I thought "I can totally do that!!" These run $40 on there. Do you hear me?? for fabric, sewn together, and ribbons holding it to the carseat. FORTY DOLLARS.

I'm in the wrong business. I need to set me up an Etsy store.

and I made mine first, since my mother and I kind of created a pattern after googling a bunch of things. So it's custom, exactly how I wanted it. The real reason I made mine first, is because I didn't want to screw up on the one I was giving away.

Don't worry, I screwed up anyway.

and what's best about these carseat covers (besides the fact that I made them) is that they are reversible AND they have elastic on them, so they won't blow off. You can't tell in the picture, because I can't find the canopy for my carseat. But with the canopy on the carseat, they fit much better.

And here's my ongoing project. I feel like I'm NEVER going to get these done. It's been over a YEAR that I've been working on these. Now that Martin is here, I've really got to get the xsmall and small diapers made. Actually, I just need to get them finished up, so they're out of my way and I can work on other things I want to make.

Like crayon wallets. or something equally cool.

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  1. Shoot! I am so slow, I made you some of those burp cloth things and they have been sitting on my counter to mail to you for some time now - I guess too many burp cloths has never been a problem. Now here is to making it to the po this week!

    And I love those things you made - very cute and nice job!

  2. I need your pattern for a carseat cover. I have one but I want to know about the elastic (and you told me you didn't want one of those covers). Being crafty (domestic) is contagious, I have gotten all kinds of crafty.

  3. You are so amazing!!

  4. So you take fabric diapers and put cute covers on them? Under the assumption that a person is qualified to be a parent they would pay enough attention to put the cute side out and your set right? That's pretty cool! Again, I am amazed at how you do all these crazy cool things with everything else. Bravo!

  5. I was just wondering about the diapers. I was considering at some point to go over to cloth diapers. I was wondering how much it cost to do what you did with yours, or where a good place is to buy them.