Monday, March 15, 2010

(insert title here)

Sometimes I don't know what to title things. I've always had a hard time with that, even with a creative writing degree, I struggled with titling everything I wrote.

Obviously, I still have that problem.

anyway, I just wanted to post a few pictures of Martin. He is doing so great, and so many things have already happened since he was born, that I don't even know where to start half the time. So I did what I'm prone to do: start another blog (like I need ANOTHER blog. . . .)

I'm keeping track of everything there, day by day, his progress and setbacks, the things that change, and of course, posting LOTS of pictures. It's pretty much going to turn into a journal for his time spent and the NICU, and as he's growing up.

And on that note, yes, I'll be posting to Katryn's blog soon too. :) (ps-that one is private, so if you want an invite leave your email address in the comments)

One of the huge things that's happened that I didn't think would happen for a while is they let us touch him. I couldn't believe it when they asked if we wanted to stick our hands in there and touch him! Of course we did!! What kind of question is that?! It was completely surreal to be able to touch our little boy. They taught us the right way to touch him. We can't stroke or caress his skin, like one would want to with such a fragile little thing. We have to apply pressure and keep our hands still. It's hard to do that the first time, and not feel like I'm' going to hurt him.

They also taught us when he's cranky to kind of push his legs up in our hand, and apply some pressure on his head to mimic the position he was when he was in the womb. It was amazing to see how fast that worked!! he calmed down right away.

They also let us hold him on sunday!! I about fell over when they pulled him out to hand to me. He's so small my two hands can support his body completely. But it was wonderful to just hold him. They wrapped us up in warm blankets, to help keep his temperature up. He was cranky, and it was hard not to be able to find a way to comfort him. But it was still nice to hold my baby boy. I wasn't expecting this moment to come for a few more weeks.


  1. what special moments to be treasured forever.

  2. how cool is that you get to hold your baby at 29 weeks! Im so happy that he is doing well.

  3. That is wonderful that he is making such great progress and that you got to hold him already!

  4. What a blessing your little guy is! I'm happy you all are doing well! !