Saturday, February 20, 2010

A small request

Dear friends and family, and everyone out there who has my blog linked on their blog:

I like to keep my blog somewhat anonymous. I purposely try to not post things like what city I live in, my last name, other's last names, or information that could make it easy to figure out exactly who I am, and where I'm at. I'm not perfect at it, but I do try so I can protect my family a little bit from the wonderful world of their lives being on public display online.

If you could please check my listing on your blog roll, and if you are using my last name, will you please edit it out? You could post it as "Krystal B" or the title of my blog, but I ask that you please don't use my last name, and support me in my choice to not publicly use my last name online. I love that you have me linked to your blog! and I love finding more blogs from blog hopping that way!

Thank you!

ps-I am in no way calling anyone out, and am not trying to offend, but just keep my anonymity.

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