Saturday, February 20, 2010

The 'real' adventure

I just wrote about the start of this wonderful bedrest I'm on. Now I'm going to write about day 2, because it was something else. Although the first day was pretty intense, this day was too!

At about 5:30am, the night nurse came into my room and asked me "are you feeling your contractions?" I told her no, because I wasn't it. But apparently I was contracting pretty good. The doctor on call from my office, the same one as the day before, came into my room and started talking with me. I was still pretty out of it, I was on magnisum sulfate, had taken a sleeping pill, and my mind was still trying to wrap around the entire situation.

The doctor told me that they weren't comfortable with my contractions, and they were going to transfer me to another hospital. But the hospital is their 'chain' didn't want me, because I was only 24 weeks! so the doctor told me another hospital would take me. This hospital HAS the means to take care of a 24weeker, and is connected (not next too, but CONNECTED) to probably the BEST children's hospital is the west.

And then he gave me the kicker: "Because your last labor was so fast, and if this baby decided to come now, it would be even fast because you don't have to dilate as much since the baby is so much smaller, we can't risk sending you by ambulance because the baby could come during the ride. We're life-flighting you to the hospital." He checked me one more time, and I was still completely closed, so whatever contractions they were picking up they weren't causing me to dilate. But you don't risk anything when it comes to a preemie, I understand that.

if I hadn't been so out from the cursed mag, I think my jaw would have hit the floor. He told me they would be there in about 1/2 hour. I called matt at his parents house, and told him, and called my parents and told them since Katryn would need to be dropped off at their house for the day, and then I just prepared myself.

They were fast when they got there. Very fast. I was put on a gurney (I think) and strapped down. The had monitors all over me still to keep track of everything, and they wheeled me out at around 6:30am. Matt had shown up right before I left, just enough to give me a kiss and climb back in his car to drive up to the hospital.

I don't remember much about the flight, except that I wanted to look out the window, and I sure couldn't see anything. The ob nurse on the flight was amazing. She was one of those nurses that I want to have every day (after having some bad nurses, like the one who didn't get me ANYTHING after giving birth to Katryn) I've come to know what I like and don't like about a nurse. I liked this one, and I wanted her to stay with me.

It was a very surreal experience, I think I had emotionally detached myself from everything. Which is probably a good thing, because there was a lot going on.

They got me settled into a room fast and hooked back up to more monitors. there were probably 4 nurses doing different things, hooking up different IV's,getting my information, getting me settled in, and i think there were 2 OB doctors, doing an ultrasound and going through my records. They checked the baby's position, so they would know where he was in case of an emergency csection. They also had some anesthesiologists come in and take a look at me. They determined that I'm not made for general anesthetics. My throat, and checks just don't cut it, it would be pretty painful, and hard work to get the tube down my throat. They thought I'd be better off with a spinal if the case arose.

I might have cursed then. I do NOT like getting poked, and I do NOT like being contained by wires/cords. That was a large reason in my choice of a natural birth for Katryn. and I'm freaked out about the idea of knowing they're slicing me open. why would I want to be awake during that?!

anyway, the day finally slowed down. I probably met about 20 people, resident after resident kept coming in and introducing themselves, listening to my heart and lungs, taking my pulse, checking my reflexes, all that stuff. And I was still confined to the bed so I was calling the nurse every hour because I had to pee. At one point they did give me a catheter, not because I needed it, but they needed a urine sample and at that point, it was the easiest way to get a sample. I didn't care too much for that, and I'd be happy to never have one again. They described it as having a UTI, which I've had before, but I'd rather have a UTI than a catheter.

One of the things I remember about the room was there was a window in it. But the window didn't go outside. it was a window to the NICU, so if the baby came, they would open the window and everything they need was RIGHT THERE. i thought that was so awesome. Very reassuring for a mother.

after about 12 hours of monitoring, another steroid shot, more IV's, more residents, and other things I don't remember, they decided I was stable enough to be transferred to the other side, with the bedrest moms! yay!! so they got me a wheelchair, and some warm blankets to wrap up in. I couldn't stand, I could hardly move, I needed all the help they gave me to get into the wheelchair.

The mag I was on had a lot of side effects. Luckily I didn't get sick, which is apparently the most common one. But I couldn't focus my eyes, I had NO energy (that might have been from lack of food for about 24 hours though) and I just had that general fuzzy feeling going on. Matt said it was pretty bad, I was really out of it. Similar to when I take nyquil! I can't remember anything, and I can't focus on anything. He said it was worse than when I take nyquil though.

My mother came to visit, and brought some stuff. I think. like I said, I was pretty out of it. I remember being wheeled to the room and having them bring me a sandwich, which was the best sandwich I ever ate. at least it felt like it.

I remember a lady from the therapy coming and talking with me. She ended up bringing me a basket of things, like books, crosswords, little paint projects. They have a lot of things for the moms to do, to keep from going crazy I think.

And now I'm here, everyday, until the baby comes. And even then, after he comes I'll probably be here every day, just on the NICU side. The nurses have all been wonderful, and there's a nice window in the room that looks into another building. :) Matt has been able to take sick/vacation time, and go on Family Medical Leave so he's able to stay here with me. I'm so luck to be able to have him here, I don't know how the other moms do it without someone here. My parents and Matt's parents are taking turns watching Katryn and the dogs. My parents watch Katryn and Moya during the day, and they stay at Matt's parents for the weekends and nights.

and that was just day TWO. As of now, I've been on bedrest for 17 days, and I'm hoping to make it 55 more days. That will put me at 34 weeks, which usually at that point, it's better for the baby to be in the NICU than in me any longer.


  1. Oi! Crazy times! I'm glad you haven't had the baby yet! :) We'll keep you in our prayers.

  2. What an experience!!! I am speechless! I am glad that we have the technology we do to give you the help you need.