Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My pups

Just wanted to take a minute to show off my pups, because I got some good pictures of them. Plus, I haven't posted any pictures of our NEW Christmas present. That's the second picture

Indy: doing what she does best, stealing a blanket, and trying to sleep.

And our Christmas present, Moya, a purebred siberian husky. She likes to lay in the computer desk. I think she thinks its a cave or something. . . .She won't fit there much longer though!


  1. Moya is getting so big! I bet you have had your hands full with restricted activity and your little growing family (including dogs).

  2. Haven't read your blog for a long time--congratulations on Christmas dog, new baby on the way, cute house in the country, potty-training and general growing up of Katryn...
    from Nancy, David and Patrick's mom

  3. Awww Moya is beautiful!