Thursday, January 28, 2010

Coming Soon!

I've got lots to post, it's been a while since I've posted much. 1st-Katryn turned 2! we had a wonderful birthday party, even though I wasn't able to make the cake or really do much at all, like I had wanted too.

She still loved it, and had lots of fun! I'll post more later, I've got a lot of great pictures of her!.

Now, a quick update on my pregnancy. Thanks for the wellwishes and prayers from everyone, they have been much appreciated and needed at this time.

At our 20 week ultrasound, they found a few things of concern and sent me to see the perinatologist (aka-ultrasound expert) at the hospital. They didn't tell me WHY they were sending me, just that the midwives and OBs saw some things that they wanted the peri to check out. I assumed it was the cord placement, which my midwife had mentioned it looked like it was implanted on the side of the placenta, instead of the top. She said, it's very rare, but not usually life-threatening for the baby (it's the other things that usually go along with it that are bad--don't google these things!! it freaked me out). Or it was my Subchorionic hemorrhage.

so the peri was very nice and explained that he wanted to look at the cord placement, and the baby's bowel. I said "uh, ok" so he started looking and explaining what he saw, and why the Doctors office was concerned. I don't do any of the optional testing when I'm pregnant. Things that test for your chance of having genetic defects like Trisomy18, or Downs, or anything like that. You can't prevent it, and it's usually not 100% anyway, and I don't want the stress that comes from knowing the 'chance'. 1st he checked the cord, and determined that it looks like it's in the right place (thank heavens!) but it's looped down below the baby (who is still breech) and is inbetween the baby and the cervix. This is only problematic if the cord doesn't move and my water breaks. At which point I am rushed in for an emergency csection because the baby is putting pressure on the cord and pretty much dying. Very very scary, but very possible right now if the cord doesn't move.

The other thing he checked was the baby's bowel. The office was concerned because the bowel looked "bright" on the ultrasound, and that's not normal. usually if it looks like that, it's because of a genetic defect of the baby. Since I don't get tested for those, he wanted to look closer at it. Thankfully, he determined that it's not bright enough. He said he was taught to look if it's as bright, or brighter than the bone images (which are white on an ultrasound). The baby's bowel wasn't. he said because I have a lot of old blood due to my hemorrage, just hanging out still, the baby probably swallowed some of it, which gave it a solid meal, which it was not used it, obviously!

He put me on restricted activity/modified bedrest. I'm not supposed to lift anything heavy (aka-katryn, laundry, groceries) or do anything for a long time (like walking, standing, cleaning etc). It's really put a damper on things around here, because I really can't do much of anything!! He also wants me to come back at 24 weeks to check on everything. That'll probably be sometime next week, or the week after.

The peri said our biggest concern right now is preterm labor, or premature rupture of the membranes (my water breaking early). so taking it easy is important right now! Katryn was born 3 weeks early, so I was expecting this little one to come early as well! but hopefully not TOO early, since the hospital is 30 minutes away. If for whatever reason the cord hasn't moved by the end of april I'm moving to my parents, who live across the street from the hospital, so to be on the safe side of things!

anyway, so we would appreciate all the prayers you can send our way! We could use them right now!

Oh yeah, and we found out what we're having--this kid was NOT shy. Even if we hadn't wanted to find out, there was no way to miss that we're having a little BOY!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My pups

Just wanted to take a minute to show off my pups, because I got some good pictures of them. Plus, I haven't posted any pictures of our NEW Christmas present. That's the second picture

Indy: doing what she does best, stealing a blanket, and trying to sleep.

And our Christmas present, Moya, a purebred siberian husky. She likes to lay in the computer desk. I think she thinks its a cave or something. . . .She won't fit there much longer though!

Friday, January 15, 2010

She's all mine

Yup, that mouth full of food, crazy 'sleeping bag' hair, BabyLegs on the arms AND legs. . .neither of which match the cute flower dress, thinking about dancing on the table, happy little girl is mine.

I think I'll keep her around for a while longer.