Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Card


Merry Christmas to everyone in the blogging world! I wanted to share with you our Christmas card that I spent so much time making for this year. Actually, I didn't spend that much time, and I'm not even mailing to anyone. :)

Here's a quick run-down of us this year:
  • Matt's still working at full-time, and going to school part time. In his 'spare' time (what's that?), he teases katryn and wears her out before bedtime
  • Katryn turned one, and turns two next month! she's everywhere, into everything and talks about everything. She loves to sing, and talk on her phone to cousin Kyla. She also loves to go see the horses behind our house.
  • I'm doing the awesome mom-at-home thing, and love it! I spend time trying new recipes and blogging about them on my recipe blog. I spent some time making recipe cards like scrapbook pages, and now have a LOT of recipe cards to try! I'm hoping to get back into my writing mode.
  • We bought our own house! it's in a tiny town, in the middle of no where, but we love it so far!
  • We're also expecting baby#2 in May of 2010, which we're very excited about.

Here's our plans for next year, and hopefully I'll keep up on blogging about them!
  • katryn's pretty close to being potty trained, so we're hoping to get that taken care of before the baby comes in May
  • I'm also starting to homeschool Katryn, using an altered program called Letter Of The Day.
  • Matt should be in his last year of school next year. I think he's estimated to graduate in 2011! We're also hoping for that promotion we've be waiting for, or a new job :)
  • My sister is getting married in October!! although they'll be getting married in this state, we'll be flying out to Indiana the next week for a reception in Jonathan's home state. We're also planning on taking a side trip up to Jersey to visit matt's grandma! We haven't seen her since Katryn was about 6 months old, when she came out her.
  • We're also hoping to finish our basement, and perhaps remodel our kitchen. If nothing else, we'll get a fence up around the yard and some grass in! :)
Hope you all had an awesome 2009 like we did, and can have a great 2010 as well!!


  1. Thanks for this wonderful newsletter, I love hearing about what people did throughout the year! Sounds like you have a busy year planned for next year - including seeing us for the wedding! :)

  2. Wait, H is getting married?

  3. So cute! Merry Christmas to you and your whole family! =)