Thursday, November 19, 2009


About a month ago, we moved into our NEW home!! it was awesome. Kind of stressful, and we're still not completely unpacked (actually, we're still not even completely moved, we still have plenty of things at matt's parent's house)

Our first morning there, this is what we woke up to find:

Yes, sheep, grazing in our front yard. We don't have much grass as it is, so it was sad to see these sheep eating it. and it was weird. We really did move to the middle of nowhere.

Here's our little house. We don't have picture taken of the inside yet, because I've been a little busy with other things. You'll see in a minute.

This is part of our backyard. The grassy part. ACtually, it's where our washer drains, so it's always nice and green. It's also our dryer, if you look higher in the picture, you can see the line. and that board? just left of the green patch? that's our sump hole. (aka-septic tank) yeah, it's awesome! and no, it doesn't stink, and no Katryn has not fallen in yet.

This is one of the ways we get to heat our house in the winter time. It's expensive to fill it up front, but then we don't have to worry about higher heating bills in the winter time! We also have a wood stove in our basement.

and yes, you can see by our garbage can, we live in the country. (we actually saw move dogs than people the first week or so--a LOT of dogs)

and this is what has been keeping me busy:

Yes, there is a creature growing inside of me right now, and well, it's a little exhausting to grow a kid!! it's expected to arrive in May, and we're crossing our fingers that it decides May is a good month to come, and doesn't try to come too much before then. (this picture is about 11 weeks, so the baby is about 1 inch)

You see, I was diagnosed with subchrionic hemorrhage. that basically means there is a pool of blood just hanging out between my uterus and placenta. (the placenta is what holds the baby in) usually the placenta and the uterus create an awesome seal, but sometime the seal can seperate a little bit, or just never attach properly, and therefore blood tends to pool there.

Because of that, I have random gushes of blood that cause me to freak out (and the first time, run to the ER on advice of my midwife) and think I'm miscarrying. I've had about 5 of them in the last 3 weeks. When they happen, I go on bedrest until the bleeding stops, and drink water until it's coming out of my ears.

I was also diagnosed with a blighted ovum, also commonly called the vanishing twin syndrome. When they gave me an ultrasound to determine that yes, my baby is still healthy and growing right on track, and yes I do indeed have a SCH (subchrionic hemorrhage) they saw the blighted ovum. It's basically just a second, empty sac where a baby should have been. for whatever reason it didn't develop, or it wasn't developing properly and died. We won't ever know.

Anyway, this baby is still growing, and although it's a hard pregnancy so far, it should get better! We're excited for may to come so we can add to our family!