Sunday, October 25, 2009

The phone

I hate the phone. I really do. I avoid calling anyone, and half the time I avoid answering my phone. I get extremely nervous when I have to call someone, and I often don't. I can't call and set up visiting teaching appointments, I can't call to order pizza, I can't call a neighbor to see if they could watch Katryn. I even have a hard time calling family members sometime.

Sometimes I wonder how I got this way. I wonder if I got yelled at by one too many customer while I was working in customer service. it takes a lot out of a person to get yelled at on a regular basis. I know plenty of people are able to brush it off and move on without any problem, but I wasn't that lucky. I think a little bit of every angry customer, blaming me personally, expecting me to fix unfixable things, to do exactly what they want kind of built up some sort of barrier or something between me and the telephone.

I never answer a call that I don't recognize the number. They can leave a message, and if I get my courage up enough I'll call them back.

I go into a small panic attack when I have to call someplace, like the insurance company, the utilities, or even pizza hut. (I order online. Actually, we now live too far away from anything to have deliveries, so I don't order at all anymore)

Most people don't understand it. Matt doesn't really understand it, he just puts up with it. I don't quite understand it sometimes either, perhaps it's a little OCD on my part as well. I'm not sure.

all I know, is that I don't care much for the phone, I'd prefer emails anyday.

on another note:

We've moved into our new home! yay! we bought a house in a small country town, and like it so far. I love seeing horses trotted down the main street, and dogs just running around happily. They're all so well behaved, and usually stay within one house of their home.

I'll post some pictures of our awesome home soon!


  1. I'm the SAME way!!! I have MAJOR anxiety with calling people. My husband doesn't understand why I'm that way. Glad I'm not the only one.

  2. Ooh I hate the phone, too! I put off getting my cable fixed for months because I didn't want to call them. I'm okay with people I know really well (family, close friends, etc.) because I can picture their faces and reactions, but I hate talking to people I don't know well. I can't wait to see pictures of the new home!

  3. I know how it is, but I am glad that you answer when I call! I hope that you love your new place! You might even grow to like the phone when you live so far out from everyone!