Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Sorry for the picture overload. There were probably about 300 pictures from the zoo. . .and I love them all!! We had such a fun time, the weather was perfect! Well, it started out cold, but then it got better, and it was really nice! Katryn loved it, and promptly passed out on the car ride home.

Amber, Heather and Jonathan under an awesome umbrella!

All the girls at the sign.
Amber and Tryn on the huge spider. By this point in the day, she was a bit overwhelmed with everything I think, and just ready to go to sleep.

Climbing over the alligator
She enjoyed playing in this egg!

And climbed right through the turtle shell.

Whenever she got out of the stroller, she just ran behind it and started pushing it.

This picture is specifically for Grandma B, the archeologist

Her enthusiasm for the penguins was almost as much as mine. She was gabbing away to this girl next to her about them.

She loved the creatures in this room the best, because she could get right up to the glass and peer in.

I think these cats kind of freaked her out a little bit. . .

We were making monkey noises, that's why we have funny faces :)

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