Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The randomness that is us

I recently purchased a new camera. A NICE one. and I've been enjoying playing with it, and being able to actually have the shutter click when I WANT the picture taken, instead of missing all these great shots of Katryn.

Recently her cousin Kyla and family moved to a nearby city, and we stopped by and visited. The girls had a great time playing with each other--sharing waterbottles, riding the horse, playing with Roxy. It was fun.

Here's Katryn and Roxy. EVERY dog she sees, she has to go up to. My parents would say "hmmm, who does that sound like???" While giving me a look. I confess, she got her love for animals from me.

On sunday afternoons, we get together with my brother and his wife and have sunday dinner. It's so nice in the evenings that we just let Katryn run wild. She loves throwing the ball at (yes, at, not to or for) Indy.

And Aunt Natalie's phone. One of her favorite things to pull out of her purse. The other favorite is her lotion.

This is how she looked before we decided to strip her down. Thus saving her white dress from the red juice. I'm so glad too!!

And there you have it. The randomness that is our life, because you know. . ."this is what living like this does" :)


  1. I love the pictures! Nice job with the new camera!

  2. She's so stinkin' cute! So what camera did you get?!? Lack of shutter delay is (I think) the best reason to get a really good one. You just catch so many more moments that way. I can see it really being worth it with kids around. =)

  3. our girls look so old! I want copies-you could email them to me if you want.

  4. She's beautiful, Krystal.

  5. She is getting so big, she is a doll! New cameras are always fun :) Thanks for sharing the randomness!