Monday, August 31, 2009

Family Pictures

It was that time of year again, and we got our family pictures taken. My goal since we got married was to have family pictures taken every summer. Preferably May, our anniversary month. 2007 it was in May, last year, i think we took them in september. This year, it was august! perhaps next year will be july, then june, and finally back to May. Or we'll just just to may next year. We'll see how busy we are that time of year.

Thanks so much to Calista, for doing an awesome job, and hiking up to our location, dealing with the construction, and working with our wiggly girl, and crazy dog. And especially thanks to Glenn for coming to hold Indy so we could focus.

Here's a few of our favorites:

Glenn was having Katryn do yoga for this one: "Reach up tall tall tall tall tall! and touch the ground" she loves it!

Totally typical, if you know Katryn.

I set this one as the backdrop on our computer, because of how close it was of our faces.

Uncle Glenn's sunglasses, one of her favorite 'toys'

Flashing the camera! too bad it's not mardi gras. . . :)

This one melts my heart. I think I'm going to give it to Matt's mom for Christmas.

Anyway, we need to pick one to blow up and hang on our wall. Which one? I numbered the ones in the running as A, B, C. Or if there's another one you like you can vote for that one too. :) I picked those 3 because Indy's part of our family, and so it's not a family picture unless she's in it too.

And I"ll be posting more of just Katryn on her blog later this week. Let me know if you need an invite to read it!


  1. B is my favorite. I like how you guys are all sitting close together. I really love your shirt by the way.

  2. Well since you put it that way... I meant C.

  3. I think I would choose C as well - I love how these turned out . . . when can I expect one in my mailbox?

  4. I love your family pictures! Especially that last one. I know if it were my mom, she'd cry. (And that always indicates a winner, right?? :D)

  5. Lighting wise I like A and B. But positions and expressions, I like C the best. Katryn looks adorable!