Friday, July 17, 2009

Cedar Trip

A few weeks ago, we went down to Cedar to watch Jonathan's bike race. I've never seen a bike race before, and boy howdy they are FAST. They go about 20-25 miles an hour!!

Katryn was being extremely silly in her carseat. Which was a lot better than the screaming before she fell asleep.

That's Jonathan there on the outside left. You can't tell, but he totally wiped out on one lap and had a huge road rash going up his leg. Read about it here. It's rough, because it's like a 3/4 of a mile loop they race on for about 45-50 minutes, and whoever gets the most laps wins (I think) and they take those corners so fast!

And no, I didn't clean that before I let her chew on it. If I did that, I would have to clean EVERYTHING, because everything goes into her mouth. Still. I thought we passed that stage a few months ago?

She loves when both her and daddy wear their hats. She'll bring his to him to wear saying "hat? Hat? hat? hat?"

And her new favorite obsession. The camelbak!! Couldn't get her to stop drinking from it. Which is a good thing, except for that backwash we got.

While we were down in Cedar, we were able to watch two of Jonathan's races (one was 60 miles!! good grief!) make dinner for Heather and Jonathan, and the Elliss clan (and of course, one certain little boy took one look at my meal, and said "I am definitely NOT eating that") and see Heather's awesome house. It's really a neat house, right by the DI in Cedar, and near the high school she teaches and works at.

Driving around really made me miss being down there. It's still a rather small city, and I know it pretty well. Drove past my old houses I lived in, past the Outpost (long since gone out of business) and I had a WHOLE LOTTA nostalgia going on! it would be awesome if matt could work at the Cedar gamestop, I wouldn't mind living back in that city.