Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day

We had a wonderful Memorial day. Matt had to work, but that's normal when you work retail.

Here's my pathetic spinach plant. I don't know what happened! It's just not growing. I planted it probably over a month ago. . .and there's about 3 little plants. I planted a whole row!! I'm so glad I planted some at my house too (this is at mom and dad's)

And my out of control peas! they're so big, they're falling over. I have to go stake them up today. They're probably about 2 feet high, no joke. I'll put Katryn next to them for comparison. But they yet to have any blossoms, so we'll see if I'll get any peas off of them, or if it'll just be a good learning experience for me. :)

I've been working on my cake skills as well. This was the cake I made for memorial day. It's german chocolate with strawberry filling. I know, it's a watermelon, not a strawberry, but hey, it's completely dairy free which means that Katryn can eat it! It took a long time, but it's good practice for when i get around to starting my own business. :)


  1. That cake is amazing, Good job!!! Good luck with your plants. I am growing a tomato plant so I know how you feel when they aren't growing!

  2. How come I never get to eat all these amazing looking cakes?

  3. At least you got a garden in! Your cake looks great as usual!

  4. That is a great-looking cake!