Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Poor Puppy

We had a bit of an incident yesterday. We went on a family walk that morning, down to the soccer fields by the local high school, and played around for a while. It was such a nice morning! we passed a few people, walking, or running. But 10am is a little late in the morning for those who like to run I think. I'm not sure, I don't like to run!

Anyway, on our way home, we were walking up the HUGE hill to our house and saw our neighbor's dog in their yard. This dog is about 3 times Indy's size. But I said to matt "That dog'll be fine, it's _____'s dog, and I've heard that she just hangs all over him and he's gentle" ( ____ is my neighbor's handicapped daughter). We walk up to the house, and the dog trots over to sniff Indy I assume. Instead, he just chomps down on her side and leg and won't let go. Indy is crying and crying, the worst cries I've ever heard come from her mouth. So full of pain and shock. We were all in shock that this dog just attacked her while we were just walking down th street!! What if that had been a kid?! Matt's yelling at the dog and trying to get a hold of Indy, I'm yelling at the dog, and holding on to the stroller so it doesn't roll down the hill, and Katryn is so startled by all the noise, she starts crying.

Finally we get the dog off and Matt is holding Indy, who is still crying, and whimpering. We yell at the dog to go home a few more times as we start to hurry home, because he tries following us. Another neighbor, a few houses up, is walking towards us, to make sure everything is ok. He thought it was his dogs being attacked, because that dog has attacked his dogs before!! I'm just in shock over this, trying not to cry because Indy's my baby, I got her while matt and I weren't dating, and she is 100% my puppy.

We figure she's ok, so we put her down on the sidewalk, 2 houses before ours and we notice she had a HUGE chunk bit out of her side, and is bleeding pretty bad.

So we rush to our vet's office, and they don't have a doctor in. They send us to another animal hospital, but gave us the wrong address. Finally, abut 45 minutes to an hour after the attack we get her in the hospital, and the doctor tells us what's going on.

Luckily, her vitals were all good, she hadn't gone into shock or anything. That dog had bit her soo hard and deep, that it got down into her muscle and fat and tissues and tore them. The doctor said she might have 'crushing injuries', which is basically when there is a great amount of pressure for an extended period on the tissues, it kind of kills of them off. Blood can't get to them because they're crushed, and they are useless. We won't know about those for a while. So he sedeated her, stitched the tissues back together inside (with hopefully healthy and not crushed tissue, otherwise he has to do it again) and th stapled the skin back together on the outside.

She has a few small puncture wounds they didn't do anything about, probably because they couldn't. And we've got to keep her quiet and have her rest. The staples will be removed in about 10 days, and she should be fine.

She was pretty out of it yesterday, thankfully Matt stayed home from work to help take care of her. She could hardly walk, and he had to take her outside to use the bathroom a lot, and we had to keep her from licking her wound. They gave her a cone to help stop that, but we don't have the heart to have her wear it. We just watch her and stop her when she tries to lick the staples. She sleeps in our bed, so we camped out on the floor with her, so she wouldn't have to move, or try to move to be with us.

She's doing lots better today, walking around and eating. Poor Katryn just wants to play with her, but Katryn doesn't know how to play softly. She likes to collapse on Indy and have her lick her face.

We have pain medication, which is helping. She was whimpering a lot last night, and you can't blame her!

It's just hard for me to see her like this, and still so shocking that my neighbor's dog did it to her! My brother-in-law just put his dog down for attacking people. Not that I want her dog put down, I just worry about what happens the next time he's out and what if it's a kid playing outside. This was a completely unprovoked incident!! We were just walking by, and we've walked by a lot with Indy.

Anyway, hopefully in the next week or so, we'll see Indy back to her normal, playful self. Until then. . . .no balls, no walks, no games, no jumping onto the bed. . . .it's going to be hard to keep this ranbuncious dog down!!


  1. Oh I am so sorry!! When we first got our second puppy Stacia, a cat attacked her. It was so sad. She was just trying to play, and slash, the cat got her good. Good luck with everything!

  2. That's just aweful!!! I hope Indy's okay soon. I can't believe that other dog, though. That's kinda scary for the moms in the neighborhood! I hope Indy feels better.

  3. That's horrid. Poor Indy. Her injury looked so gruesome! Luckily she has a great family to take care of her.

  4. How's Indy doing? I hope your neighbor knows what happened and has done something to make sure his dog can't attack another dog or human! That's awful!!