Sunday, February 01, 2009


Yesterday was my sister is law Natalie's birthday. She was kind enough to allow me to practice my cake decorating skills on her. Isn't that nice of her?

I made marshmallow fondant, which is a whole lot tasty that regular fondant. Still not great, but it's edible at least!! The cake was cookies and cream (basicly a white cake mix with crushed oreos inside) and a strawberry cream cheese filling. YUM!! It was delish! :)
Happy birthday Natalie! thanks for letting me practice my cake skills on you! :)


  1. Beautiful cake!!! Want to bake me one for my birthday in September? It's just a quick trip cross-country. ;)

    And yes, you *do* need an external hard drive! They are life savers. I got a 500 gig one for less than $100 on sale at Staples a few months ago (I can't remember if it was $89.99 or $99.99...I think $89.99 but still pretty cheap.) I just picked out the one I wanted, bookmarked the page, and checked back once a week 'til it was on sale. Stick with Maxtor, Western Digital, or Seagate, and you should be good. =)

  2. Your cakes are amazing! I am very impressed:)

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  3. You know, my birthday's coming up....