Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I'm proud of myself. One: I'm not very computer savvy. As in, when I want to make changes to my blog (make it a 3-column instead of two) I don't know how to edit html code. And the crazy thing is, my dear husband, who built my computer for me, doesn't know how to do it either!!

But I kinda figured it out. Actually, the website tips for new bloggers helped me out a lot. BUT, I know how to adjust the width to what I want. :) so I'm proud of that.

And so happy to have a new layout and a new nifty three column blog. Yup, it rocks. Leelou blogs (see the button on the right) has fun free layouts. I like hers because the layout actually moves with you as you scroll down the page. I get frustrated when the page has elements that DON'T MOVE with everything else. Makes it hard for me to read the post, so I usually don't. Sorry. . .thank heavens most everyone's in my google reader so I actually don't see the layouts anyway. But I love this fun layout! I also changed up Recipes of a Cheapskate, if you want to go check that out, I won't mind. :)


  1. It's so cute - I love the pink & brown! =)

  2. Hi Krystal! Cute blog! Would you get the recipe group info to me today so I can put it in the RS Monthly info sheet for Sunday? Thanks so much! (

  3. So... you need to go and edit the width of the footnote, either narrower or wider... I can figure out the code if you'd like... but the way it is, it cuts the line like such:

    Posted by Krystal at 1/28/2009 2

  4. really? it doesn't show that in my screen. . .maybe you need a wider computer moniter :)

  5. Yeah... instead of making it a pixel width, try making it a %. That should fix it...