Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I'm proud of myself. One: I'm not very computer savvy. As in, when I want to make changes to my blog (make it a 3-column instead of two) I don't know how to edit html code. And the crazy thing is, my dear husband, who built my computer for me, doesn't know how to do it either!!

But I kinda figured it out. Actually, the website tips for new bloggers helped me out a lot. BUT, I know how to adjust the width to what I want. :) so I'm proud of that.

And so happy to have a new layout and a new nifty three column blog. Yup, it rocks. Leelou blogs (see the button on the right) has fun free layouts. I like hers because the layout actually moves with you as you scroll down the page. I get frustrated when the page has elements that DON'T MOVE with everything else. Makes it hard for me to read the post, so I usually don't. Sorry. . .thank heavens most everyone's in my google reader so I actually don't see the layouts anyway. But I love this fun layout! I also changed up Recipes of a Cheapskate, if you want to go check that out, I won't mind. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Utah Food Co-op

A few months ago, I was watching the news, like I'm prone to do, and saw a segment on the Urban Crossroads Food Co-op here in Utah. and I thought to myself, "wow, that's something I need to get on!"

And the months passed as I didn't do anything about it. I've heard about the Angel Food Minestries, through my cousin's blog (and ok, she's really matt's cousin, but hey, I talk to her more than he does!!) but unfortunately the closest one is in Montezuma Utah. That's not ANYWHERE near me. Maybe someday I'll get one started here. Maybe I'll get myself organized before I do something like that. . . .

Basicly both these organizations are community run groups that order food at a bulk discount (because of the people who ordered the food) and distribute it. They're non-profit, and ask for your vollunteer time to help them OR to help the community. Just to give back basicly. And their prices are low too.

Urban Crossroads describes themselves: "We are a volunteer-powered, nonprofit food buying network, bringing people together for food, community & savings of up to 50% on high-quality fresh foods"

Angel Food describes themselves: "a non-profit, non-denominational organization dedicated to providing food relief and contributing to benevolent outreaches in communities throughout the United States."

See? They're a bunch of good organizations.

This month I decided to give Urban Crossroads a try. This month (Feb) their menu is as follows:

I know it's not very easy to read. Click on the above link to see it on their webpage. Basically, for $23 you can get 5 lbs of different meats, 3 kinds of fruit, 5 kinds of vegetables, 16 oz rice, and a loaf of bread.

I just mailed my letter today, and I'm going to start finding some recipes that will use the foods provided in their box. So after the pick-up on Feb 21st, go check out my Recipe Blog for the recipes you can use with this stuff. And I'd love to hear what other community co-ops you have in your area and love!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Showing off

Ok, so maybe I'm posting this just to show off a little bit. But darn it, I'm proud of it!!

It took me a long time, and two failed cakes to make this, and it was worth it. Not that Katryn really ate any of it. . .but someday she'll look back and say "that was the first cake my mamma made me. Boy she rocks" or something along those lines I'm sure.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

one year ago today. . .

. . .I was sitting in the hospital after giving birth to my sweet baby girl. She came three weeks early, as a surprise. It snowed that day, beautiful white flecks of snow. I don't think I slept that whole day, no matter how tired I was. I just wanted to hold her and stare at her perfect features. I couldn't believe that she was here, she was part of our family, and I couldn't believe we lived without her as part of it.

one year ago today, I started worrying about every little detail that occured. If she was too warm, too cold, hungry, or tired. I created crazy, out of this world scenarios that wouldn't ever really occur, but I worried about those too. I had this new little baby, who depended solely on me for survival, and I was afraid I would fail her.

one year ago today, I never knew the amount of sleep i would lose and still be able to function just fine. I knew she'd get up during the night, but i thought I could take naps when she napped all the time. I never knew that losing sleep was perfect because I could comfort her when she needed it. Although I would still like to be able to sleep through the night someday. . . .

one year ago today, I envisioned how she would never wear pink, but I would keep cute bows and head-bands in her hair. I thought greens and yellows and purples would be great, because all the other girls wear pink, and MY girl was not like 'all the other girls'. She is special. She is different. She is unique, and she stands out in a crowd.

Today, she wears the pinks, and doesn't keep the cute bows and head-bands in her hair. She wears the greens and yellows and purples too though, and she is special. She is not like 'all the other girls'. She is unique.

One year ago today, I was imagining her future. I was imagining what type of little girl she'd be, what her favorite color would be, whether or not she'd like dogs. I imagined where she'd go to school, what her favorite subject would be. I imagined that she'd be a confident young lady, sure of herself and her abilities. She'd be a young woman who wouldn't allow others to dictate her life and her choices. I imagined her getting married, having a family of her own to raise, and coming to me to help her in the hard parenting decisions.

One year ago today, I wanted nothing more than to give my baby girl everything she could ever want in life. To be the greatest mother she could ever imagine having. To be her best friend, and sole confidante. To be the one she wanted to be with when the world ganged up against her, or when she would just fall over and skin her knees. The one she'd call her best friend. I wanted to raise her in a home that she'd rather spend time at instead of a mall. To give her a safe haven from the world. She's one year old today, and I don't know how this year went by so fast. look at how she's grown already with the comparison of matt's hand! As she grows I can only hope I can be the mom she needs me to be!

Happy birthday Katryn Llewellyn. Your mamma loves you.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Late Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas here in our home. It was Katryn's first, and she had a grand ol' time. Pretty much mastered the art of ripping the paper off of everything. Like most babies do to things anyway.

and although my side of the family came down with the plague* we still managed to have fun over there, as long as no one mentioned any type of food to my dad. Poor guy, he probably would have loved my coconut shrimp I made!

Indy had the time of her life with her stocking. New toys, and treats. Can't go wrong there!

Katryn didn't quite grasp the concept of her stocking, I ended up dumping it out for her. She still loved it though. and no, that xbox game in the picture was NOT for her, no matter what it looks like in the picture.

*Plague is any sort of illness anyone has in my family. This time it happened to be some sort of stomach flu---I got it that night.