Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Card


Merry Christmas to everyone in the blogging world! I wanted to share with you our Christmas card that I spent so much time making for this year. Actually, I didn't spend that much time, and I'm not even mailing to anyone. :)

Here's a quick run-down of us this year:
  • Matt's still working at full-time, and going to school part time. In his 'spare' time (what's that?), he teases katryn and wears her out before bedtime
  • Katryn turned one, and turns two next month! she's everywhere, into everything and talks about everything. She loves to sing, and talk on her phone to cousin Kyla. She also loves to go see the horses behind our house.
  • I'm doing the awesome mom-at-home thing, and love it! I spend time trying new recipes and blogging about them on my recipe blog. I spent some time making recipe cards like scrapbook pages, and now have a LOT of recipe cards to try! I'm hoping to get back into my writing mode.
  • We bought our own house! it's in a tiny town, in the middle of no where, but we love it so far!
  • We're also expecting baby#2 in May of 2010, which we're very excited about.

Here's our plans for next year, and hopefully I'll keep up on blogging about them!
  • katryn's pretty close to being potty trained, so we're hoping to get that taken care of before the baby comes in May
  • I'm also starting to homeschool Katryn, using an altered program called Letter Of The Day.
  • Matt should be in his last year of school next year. I think he's estimated to graduate in 2011! We're also hoping for that promotion we've be waiting for, or a new job :)
  • My sister is getting married in October!! although they'll be getting married in this state, we'll be flying out to Indiana the next week for a reception in Jonathan's home state. We're also planning on taking a side trip up to Jersey to visit matt's grandma! We haven't seen her since Katryn was about 6 months old, when she came out her.
  • We're also hoping to finish our basement, and perhaps remodel our kitchen. If nothing else, we'll get a fence up around the yard and some grass in! :)
Hope you all had an awesome 2009 like we did, and can have a great 2010 as well!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gingerbread houses and a Pirate

I know, they have nothing to do with each other, except that I haven't blogged about halloween yet, and I needed to take pictures of our gingerbread house we made on sunday before it got eaten. They don't last long around here.

It's a family tradition on matt's side to make gingerbread houses at Christmas time. I remember when we were dating (quick side story--8 years ago TODAY, December 15, 2001 was our senior dinner dance, and that was when matt and I 'offically' started dating. can't believe we've been together that long already!!) and we made these house for the first time. It was awesome!! I don't think I've ever seen so much candy in one room.

Matt's mother makes the gingerbread, cuts it all out in house shapes and his dad builds them. It's quite the process. They also go ALL OUT on the candy to decorate these things. As in candy spilling over the counter tops, dozens of bulk food bags full of candy.

Needless to say, Katryn had enough candy to last her until next year. She wouldn't even eat the chili, which she LOVES!!

Part of their tradition is to also give the house they make away to another family, usually a family perhaps in more need this time of year, or one that has a lot of kids that would just get a kick out of having an awesome house.

So the point is really to just put AS MUCH candy on as possible, because that's just more you get to eat later, right?

And if you're matt's brother, you create something so amazing that our little houses are put to shame! This year he created a chapel. It was pretty awesome. Hopefully they'll put pictures up.

and now we can officially eat this house, since I have taken the time to record the memories. :)

This was our pirate on halloween. She was so darn cute! Cutest pirate ever! and she'd go around saying "arr!!!"

Here's all the grandkids on the B side of the family, with grandma at our halloween party. In case you can't tell, we've got a football player, a pirate, a wizard, an indian holding a bat, and a witch.

and here's half the cousins on the W side of the family. That camo thing is a volcano. Pretty impressive I've got to say! Then we've got a flower, pirate-Tryn, and a biking ladybug.

We went trick-or-treating in my parents neighborhood. Tryn got a kick out of it. I'm not dressed up, unless you count the "I spent 4 hours in the ER the day before, and I'm exhausted from lack of blood and sleep" costume. Then I've got that covered. Matt's dressed up as Sam Fisher from one of his games. I can't remember which one. . . .

Tryn did awesome, she'd go up by herself, usually get distracted by the pumpkins, then bang on the door. Everyone thought she was adorable, because well, she was! :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009


About a month ago, we moved into our NEW home!! it was awesome. Kind of stressful, and we're still not completely unpacked (actually, we're still not even completely moved, we still have plenty of things at matt's parent's house)

Our first morning there, this is what we woke up to find:

Yes, sheep, grazing in our front yard. We don't have much grass as it is, so it was sad to see these sheep eating it. and it was weird. We really did move to the middle of nowhere.

Here's our little house. We don't have picture taken of the inside yet, because I've been a little busy with other things. You'll see in a minute.

This is part of our backyard. The grassy part. ACtually, it's where our washer drains, so it's always nice and green. It's also our dryer, if you look higher in the picture, you can see the line. and that board? just left of the green patch? that's our sump hole. (aka-septic tank) yeah, it's awesome! and no, it doesn't stink, and no Katryn has not fallen in yet.

This is one of the ways we get to heat our house in the winter time. It's expensive to fill it up front, but then we don't have to worry about higher heating bills in the winter time! We also have a wood stove in our basement.

and yes, you can see by our garbage can, we live in the country. (we actually saw move dogs than people the first week or so--a LOT of dogs)

and this is what has been keeping me busy:

Yes, there is a creature growing inside of me right now, and well, it's a little exhausting to grow a kid!! it's expected to arrive in May, and we're crossing our fingers that it decides May is a good month to come, and doesn't try to come too much before then. (this picture is about 11 weeks, so the baby is about 1 inch)

You see, I was diagnosed with subchrionic hemorrhage. that basically means there is a pool of blood just hanging out between my uterus and placenta. (the placenta is what holds the baby in) usually the placenta and the uterus create an awesome seal, but sometime the seal can seperate a little bit, or just never attach properly, and therefore blood tends to pool there.

Because of that, I have random gushes of blood that cause me to freak out (and the first time, run to the ER on advice of my midwife) and think I'm miscarrying. I've had about 5 of them in the last 3 weeks. When they happen, I go on bedrest until the bleeding stops, and drink water until it's coming out of my ears.

I was also diagnosed with a blighted ovum, also commonly called the vanishing twin syndrome. When they gave me an ultrasound to determine that yes, my baby is still healthy and growing right on track, and yes I do indeed have a SCH (subchrionic hemorrhage) they saw the blighted ovum. It's basically just a second, empty sac where a baby should have been. for whatever reason it didn't develop, or it wasn't developing properly and died. We won't ever know.

Anyway, this baby is still growing, and although it's a hard pregnancy so far, it should get better! We're excited for may to come so we can add to our family!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wedding Cake

This is my first wedding cake. I made it for Natalie's dad, who got remarried about a month ago. It's an interesting cake. The bottom is 1/2 rice krispie treat, and 1/2 wedding cake. The middle tier is all rice krispie treat, and the top tier is all wedding cake. Chocolate with raspberry filling. Mmm, it was good.

The ribbons coming out from the top layer are part of a Peruvian wedding tradition (the bride is Peruvian). Each ribbon has a small charm of some sort attached to it. All the single ladies pull a ribbon out, and who ever gets the charm shaped like a wedding ring, is the next to get married!

It was a lot of work, but as an amateur decorator, it's amazing to do a wedding cake, and so worth it.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The phone

I hate the phone. I really do. I avoid calling anyone, and half the time I avoid answering my phone. I get extremely nervous when I have to call someone, and I often don't. I can't call and set up visiting teaching appointments, I can't call to order pizza, I can't call a neighbor to see if they could watch Katryn. I even have a hard time calling family members sometime.

Sometimes I wonder how I got this way. I wonder if I got yelled at by one too many customer while I was working in customer service. it takes a lot out of a person to get yelled at on a regular basis. I know plenty of people are able to brush it off and move on without any problem, but I wasn't that lucky. I think a little bit of every angry customer, blaming me personally, expecting me to fix unfixable things, to do exactly what they want kind of built up some sort of barrier or something between me and the telephone.

I never answer a call that I don't recognize the number. They can leave a message, and if I get my courage up enough I'll call them back.

I go into a small panic attack when I have to call someplace, like the insurance company, the utilities, or even pizza hut. (I order online. Actually, we now live too far away from anything to have deliveries, so I don't order at all anymore)

Most people don't understand it. Matt doesn't really understand it, he just puts up with it. I don't quite understand it sometimes either, perhaps it's a little OCD on my part as well. I'm not sure.

all I know, is that I don't care much for the phone, I'd prefer emails anyday.

on another note:

We've moved into our new home! yay! we bought a house in a small country town, and like it so far. I love seeing horses trotted down the main street, and dogs just running around happily. They're all so well behaved, and usually stay within one house of their home.

I'll post some pictures of our awesome home soon!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Family Pictures

It was that time of year again, and we got our family pictures taken. My goal since we got married was to have family pictures taken every summer. Preferably May, our anniversary month. 2007 it was in May, last year, i think we took them in september. This year, it was august! perhaps next year will be july, then june, and finally back to May. Or we'll just just to may next year. We'll see how busy we are that time of year.

Thanks so much to Calista, for doing an awesome job, and hiking up to our location, dealing with the construction, and working with our wiggly girl, and crazy dog. And especially thanks to Glenn for coming to hold Indy so we could focus.

Here's a few of our favorites:

Glenn was having Katryn do yoga for this one: "Reach up tall tall tall tall tall! and touch the ground" she loves it!

Totally typical, if you know Katryn.

I set this one as the backdrop on our computer, because of how close it was of our faces.

Uncle Glenn's sunglasses, one of her favorite 'toys'

Flashing the camera! too bad it's not mardi gras. . . :)

This one melts my heart. I think I'm going to give it to Matt's mom for Christmas.

Anyway, we need to pick one to blow up and hang on our wall. Which one? I numbered the ones in the running as A, B, C. Or if there's another one you like you can vote for that one too. :) I picked those 3 because Indy's part of our family, and so it's not a family picture unless she's in it too.

And I"ll be posting more of just Katryn on her blog later this week. Let me know if you need an invite to read it!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Sorry for the picture overload. There were probably about 300 pictures from the zoo. . .and I love them all!! We had such a fun time, the weather was perfect! Well, it started out cold, but then it got better, and it was really nice! Katryn loved it, and promptly passed out on the car ride home.

Amber, Heather and Jonathan under an awesome umbrella!

All the girls at the sign.
Amber and Tryn on the huge spider. By this point in the day, she was a bit overwhelmed with everything I think, and just ready to go to sleep.

Climbing over the alligator
She enjoyed playing in this egg!

And climbed right through the turtle shell.

Whenever she got out of the stroller, she just ran behind it and started pushing it.

This picture is specifically for Grandma B, the archeologist

Her enthusiasm for the penguins was almost as much as mine. She was gabbing away to this girl next to her about them.

She loved the creatures in this room the best, because she could get right up to the glass and peer in.

I think these cats kind of freaked her out a little bit. . .

We were making monkey noises, that's why we have funny faces :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The randomness that is us

I recently purchased a new camera. A NICE one. and I've been enjoying playing with it, and being able to actually have the shutter click when I WANT the picture taken, instead of missing all these great shots of Katryn.

Recently her cousin Kyla and family moved to a nearby city, and we stopped by and visited. The girls had a great time playing with each other--sharing waterbottles, riding the horse, playing with Roxy. It was fun.

Here's Katryn and Roxy. EVERY dog she sees, she has to go up to. My parents would say "hmmm, who does that sound like???" While giving me a look. I confess, she got her love for animals from me.

On sunday afternoons, we get together with my brother and his wife and have sunday dinner. It's so nice in the evenings that we just let Katryn run wild. She loves throwing the ball at (yes, at, not to or for) Indy.

And Aunt Natalie's phone. One of her favorite things to pull out of her purse. The other favorite is her lotion.

This is how she looked before we decided to strip her down. Thus saving her white dress from the red juice. I'm so glad too!!

And there you have it. The randomness that is our life, because you know. . ."this is what living like this does" :)