Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Today is my punk sister's birthday. She's 16, and terrorizing the roads. So if you see a little blonde girl in a Subaru--that's her, and I'm sorry that she almost hit you. if you see a punk boy in a Subaru, that would be my brother, (the other punk in the picture) and I'm also sorry that he blinded you with the 20 lights on his car.

We're making cupcakes and having a big ol' bash for her today. Just like every year. Not many people get have parties all night long on their birthday's every year! We always make calzones, and this year I'm teaching her some of the cake decorating tips I've learned, and we're making the cupcakes into caterpillars.

Happy birthday!


  1. I cannot believe Amber is 16! Well, Happy Birthday to her!

  2. Happy (slightly late!) Birthday to Amber!!! =)