Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shameless plug for my new 'toy'

It's kinda sad that this is my new favorite thing. Besides my new comforter. I'll talk about that later.

But wow, I love it! Our entire house (aka--our basement apartment) has hardwood floors except for the three bedrooms. That's a lot of floor to clean!! and I hated doing it. Granted, we were lucky enough, that when the cleaners came to clean upstairs, they came and did the floor and bathroom downstairs as well (have I mentioned before that I hate cleaning bathrooms? I HATE it).

once a month is not enough for this floor though. once a week is not enough for this floor. Indy's constantly tracking things into the house--sticks, leaves, dirt. That and she sheds something fierce. it just gets really bad, really quick. but I hated getting down on my knees and mopping the whole floor!

Katryn's almost crawling now. She gets everywhere she wants to--backwards--but she gets there. and is finding all sorts of 'goodies' to try to eat on the floor. Gross, I know. Way too many things I don't want her to find!

I finally broke down and bought a starter kit at costco the other day. I can't believe what I've been missing! Granted, it takes two wet clothes to clean the whole floor it's so big, but it gets clean. And it doesn't take me an hour!!

I love my Swiffer. Does this mean I'm officially a house-wife?


  1. Welcome to the hose wife club, Swiffers are feakn awsome. Sad isnt it that once not too long ago cleaning of the floors took place once a week (sometimes every month). I find somedays I swiff 3 times Floors get messy with babies, thier food, dogs, and sometimes I think husbands are the worst colprit. I commend you on a fabulose purchase!

  2. Definitely a great thing! Here's my suggestion when you run out of the cloths that come with it. Cut rags to about the right size (clean out old shirts, let me know if you need some) and make a spray bottle of cleaner. Just clean, wash and reuse. Cheaper than the wet cloths they sell. Speaking of which, my floor is in desperate need of a mopping.