Sunday, October 19, 2008

Family Pictures

A few weeks ago, we made our way up the canyon with my sister and her camera. We wanted to get some family pictures taken before the leaves dropped. Ok, I wanted to get some pictures taken. Matt, Katryn, and Indy could really care less whether or not it happened. This is why I rule the house.

The leaves were just starting to change. Now though, as I look at the mountain it's full of colors. I guess the snow last week helped things move along.

We got lots of good shots. Jenni has an awesome fast camera, that takes pictures like the the speed of light. I'm dreaming of one still. . . maybe santa will bring me one for Christmas.

Katryn was so good while we were up there, laughing at Michael (big surprise there!) and smiling for most of the pictures.

Now we have to decide between the 75 pictures Jenni took for which one will be the family picture we give out for Christmas, as well as hang on the wall.

But hey, we got the taken!! that's really quite a feat in itself I thought. Indy was VERY distracted by all the exciting smells up there. Can't say I blame her though, she's a crazy dog!


  1. Aww! Y'all are so cute - you will have a great Christmas Card! =)

  2. What a gorgeous family! I am so impressed that both Indy and Katryn are looking at the camera. That is a great picture of you guys.

  3. Oh!! I love pictures! Youa ll look great! She is getting sooo big!

  4. okay my favorite is the 1st posted pic but they are all so cute. YOur so good to be on top of family pics!

  5. Katryn is so big! Not that I'm surprised because Mason is super huge as well - but still! I haven't seen you guys in forever! Let me know when you want to get together. I'm good everyday except Tuesday - and I can arrange to have the car that day and drive up to your place instead of you driving to me like we did before. anyway......