Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My nephew Michael

He's a funny kid, this boy. He refers to himself as 'me', like "me want. . . ""me going outside" He's three and half years old, the one child of my sister that could use football the most, but because of health problems (ie-only one kidney) he probably won't be able to. When he was born he was in NICU for about 10 days because of the health problems. Not that any of that stops him now.

He takes the toyboxes, dumps them out onto the floor, stands on the back of the couch, yells "cannonball!" and jumps into the toys. He's an odd child, that Michael-Man.

Jenni tells me a story about how her oldest boy, and Michael were discussing their friends the other day. Michael says "I have 5 friends!" and starts to list them. "Brandon (the boy across the street). . . .Adam (his little brother). . . . .Katryn. . . . .Mom, is Krystal my friend?" Jenni: "Yes" Michael: "Krystal. . . .Indy (my dog)"

Today when Jenni was talking to me, and telling me this story, he added on Matt as his friend. My whole family makes his list of 5 friends!

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