Monday, September 22, 2008

'Camping' With Grandma and Grandpa

a while ago my grandparents went camping up the canyon to try out their new (to them) pop-up trailer. They got it from my parents, and I remember many a night sleeping in that trailer. I think I was even lucky enough to have a sleepover or two with some friends in it.

Anyway, my grandpa, being the handy-man that he is (seriously, he can fix anything!) altered the trailer so it's now a solar-powered trailer. Pretty impressive eh? it was the middle of the week, and they just went up the canyon near our home (a 10 minute drive) to camp in one of the campgrounds. They called my sister and invited her and her family to come have a BBQ with them. And us being us, invited ourselves. We of course brought our own food, and even marshmellows for everyone! Yup, we pretty much rock. We even convinced Glenn to come with us (and gave him dinner!) since Natalie was working.

Since it was the middle of the week, there was hardly anyone up there! it was great!

The boys took care of building the fire for us. Practicing all those boy scout skills they haven't used in years. It was entertaining to watch! Michael especially likes to be involved in things like this.

Matt cooked our chicken for us, with the use of just a few forks that I packed up for us to eat with. Unfortunately, he didn't cook his long enough. he didn't mind, because we brought pineapple to grill and he LOVES that stuff!

Glenn being lord of the flames
Bekah and michael enjoying their marshmellows

thanks for letting us come up with you Grandma and Grandpa! it was tons of fun!

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