Saturday, July 19, 2008

scrapping away

I've been busy scrapbooking lately. a few months ago, I joined an online scrapbook/stamping community, and they have a swapping forum. Basically, someone creates a group, say a veggie recipe swap group. People who are interested sign up and create usually 5-6 small recipe cards (6"x6" usually) of the same recipe. but they're not just recipe cards. They're scrapbooked, with stamps, and ribbon, etc. Then they mail them to the hostess of the swap, and she sends them back 5 different cards! I've become addicted I fear. It's been fun though! I've really enjoyed making recipe cards. Scrapbooking recipes cards! it's like it was made for me! It's super easy too! I haven't taken any pictures of the cards I've created yet, but here's some of the pages I've created.

This one is for my sister, of three of her four kids having the time of their lives playing on the slip'n'slide on the 4th of july. they were so funny! They wouldn't slide until the very end. it was more of a run'n'fall.

This one is just showing off katryn's love of plants already. She loves being outdoors, and it always calms her down to take her outside for a while. Matt takes her to pick flowers and bring back to me. . .and does his best to make sure they don't get squished or eaten. It's hard to prevent that though!

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  1. Good work, the pages are really cute. I like to scrapbook too, or should I say collect scrapbook materials and pretend. I got a cricit machine thats pretty cool for fonts and stuff (my handwritting is simply horid) I do like to "borrow" other peoples scrapping ideas- so thanks for posting your pages keep up the good work! (and keep posting the pages...if you want too)