Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My 6th annual 19th birthday

Yesterday was my 6th annual 19th birthday. A few years ago (6 to be exact) I decided i wanted to stay 19 forever. I didn't want to turn 20, because then i was no longer a teen! So matt and I joke every year that it's my ____ annual 19th birthday. It's entertaining.

It started off with Matt getting Katryn when she woke up at 7:30am. That's always nice. He took her for a while, until she was ready to eat and sick of him. Sometimes all she wants is her mamma. They came in to wake me up with presents and and a card Katryn was trying to eat. Sometimes I never know what to expect from Matt. He complains that he doesn't know what to get me. Does the same thing around Christmas time. so I've started just giving him a list of things that I wouldn't mind receiving. Sometimes it works, other times it's still a pretty good surprise. He did good this year.

I've been scrapbooking a lot lately, so he got me a clear ruler, that has opening in it so I can create journaling lines, and dots in it so I can place things evenly on a page. I have a problem with that. He also got me a gift card to my favorite scrapbook store. Can't go wrong there! And like usual, a nice statue.

The picture might be a little blurry. Sorry 'bout that. As I've mentioned before, I collect these statues, so I love receiving them.

We took Katryn in for her 6 month check up, but since she's been sick this weekend, we didn't give her the shots. Although she still cried when the Doctor came in. And she's a really nice grandmotherly type doctor! Oh well. It happens. And towards the evening, i got sick as well, so I'm glad i didn't have to try to take care of a cranky sore baby as well!

We also thought my sister was going to have her baby yesterday. We were hoping! but no such luck. . .her labor completely stalled on her. Oh well!

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  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hope you had a wonderful day.
    kiera, seth and kyla