Friday, June 20, 2008

yoga kicked my butt

our stake has a yoga class every Wednesday morning form 9:30-11am. I had Matt make sure he closed on that day so i could go. I used to do yoga all the time! I could go through all sorts of sequences. Although I had no flexibility.

In my Eastern World Lit class, I wrote my final paper on yoga in the eastern world, and the ancient Sanskrit language. I barely passed the class, but not because of my paper. That teacher was HARD. All his classes were extremely difficult. it probably didn't help either that i wrote the time for the final down wrong and missed most of it.

In my last semester I took a yoga class and a rock climbing class. They were both wonderful. It was one of the best semesters of college ever! Except for the spanish class. Never did care much for it.

I also took a few classes of prenatal yoga when I was pregnant with Katryn. I've been anxious to get back into it again, so I was excited to finally be able to go. Wait, I mean I finally forced myself to get dressed and actually go.

It kicked my butt.


I knew was wasn't in very good shape. I haven't done much since Katryn was born. I go walking every once in a while and run around with my nieces and nephews (and indy). Since this class has been going on for at least a year, there was no easing into it. we jumped right in! We did Side Crow pose, and some other balance pose that was forward (someone fell forward trying to balance and hit their head) and other difficult poses for someone who hasn't done yoga in a l-o-n-g time.

I needed it though. I can't do yoga on my own. I just don't push myself like a class pushes me. And I get too distracted. I need a yoga class that really calms me down and centers everything for me. i don't like distractions, I don't like other people besides the instructor talking, and I like the instructor to be soft-spoken and mellow.

I didn't really get too much from this class. the teacher was a bit hyper so I couldn't focus very much. But it's free. yoga classes are expensive! Someday when we're rich from all the cool video games Matt's going to design, I'd love to become a yoga teacher. All the classes and the time though isn't something I'm able to afford though.

When I came home, I could barely walk down the stairs. my legs were all rubbery, and I couldn't support myself. My triceps were really sore too from tricep pushups and the chaturanga pose. It was hard having to hold Katryn all day.

I'm still sore today. and I'll probably still be sore tomorrow. Next week I won't be here to go (I'm kinda glad!) but hopefully the week after won't be as bad.


  1. Yay for yoga! I love doing it as well. You should check out the YogaMazing podcasts - they're free (for a limited time, then you can dl them for a few bucks from the archives, or just keep the ones you like) and are a good level between too easy and too challenging. Have fun getting back into it! =)

  2. ooh, I may have to try that!! Although I don't have an ipod, just a sansdisc (which I still like)

  3. Oh, you don't need an ipod! Just iTunes on your computer, and then you can watch 'em from your computer. =)