Friday, June 13, 2008

Teddy Bear picnic

I've been trying to to get story time at the local library for a few weeks now. But Katryn usually is still asleep, so by the time she's fed and ready to go, it's too late.

Not yesterday though! We left about 10 minutes to 10am, when it starts. That gave us enough time to be detoured by all the construction near our house and be on time.

Turns out that story time was 'canceled' for the day, in place of the Teddy Bear picnic! I wasn't too disappointed. I have such fond memories of the Teddy Bear picnic when I was growing up, I was actually kind of excited. But it didn't start until 10:30, so we had some time to wander the library.

Katryn wasn't too interested in anything but eating her dress. I thought she might like the stain glass windows there, but she was a bit distracted by the other kids walking around. She's such a people watcher! if there's anyone near by, she'll completely ignore me and just stare at them.

We lasted about 15 minutes into the Teddy Bear Picnic (enough for an intro, and 2 songs, and into the first story) before she got the hiccups and got mad so we left. She fell asleep on the car ride over to see my sister and stayed asleep for half an hour after! that was impressive.

Although she didn't seem too interested in the Teddy Bear Picnic, I'm sure by the time next year rolls around, she'll be a bit more excited. Until then, we're going to try to get to at least one story time a week.

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