Friday, May 16, 2008

My garden

I'm trying to become more self-sufficient. With how prices on everything going up, it's getting harder to make ends meet. Groceries and gas are rough on everyone, and I imagine they're only going to get worse. The problem is, paychecks aren't going up with everything else. There is a small amount of wiggle room in our budget, so I'm trying to get a food storage set up for us. Eventually we hope to have a years worth (then the earthquake can hit here!) but for now, we'll settle for three months worth.

Back to my garden.

I planted a small (VERY small) garden for us. and it's all in pots.

This is my cucumber! I fear it may get too big for this pot. . .in which case I'll have to transplant it to my parents garden.

These are my three strawberry plants. if I remember from my childhood, these will come back on their own every year. I love fresh strawberries!
And my two tomato plants! these are the ones I'm most excited about!

My sister and her family, as well as my brother and his wife, will be living in my parents house this summer while they're in new mexico and we've decided to take advantage of their VERY large garden. My mom has already planted her plants by the shed (don't worry, I'll include pictures later!) which she'll just let grow while she's gone. Shh, we haven't let her know about our plans yet!

We're planning on planting watermelon, pumpkin, and whatever else sounds good. Probably some more tomatoes, maybe some lettuce, then we'll have the startings of a salad!

I hope my plants don't die. . .


  1. I planted cucu,bers and tomatoes too1 My tomato is getting big and I think I may have to transplant it. I also have a Lime, Lemon, and Orange tree...all of which are in giant planters. I had planted herbs but I think the heat out here was just too much for them! Good luck with you little garden!

  2. You're getting excited over a garden? Man, you're old.